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How Old Is Too Old For A Stroller

Of all the necessities that new parents have on their list, a stroller is definitely somewhere on the top. 

A good stroller not just helps you to keep your child safe and protected, it will make it easier for you to keep track of them at all times. Everywhere you want to be and need to be, a stroller makes it accessible to travel with your child and not feel tied down. Not just that, most strollers come with amazing storage spaces that will give you the freedom to travel with extra diapers, feeding bottles, snacks, a change of clothes, blankets, and toys for your child. You can even store away your purse and shop at the bottom, or your own water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. 

With the right stroller, you can travel with your child to go shopping, for a walk in the park, run errands or go grocery shopping, and even go on a run or for a jog!  

what age do you stop using a stroller


How old is too old for a stroller?

Recently I witnessed an incident at the grocery store when the question came to my ming: at what age does a baby stop needing a stroller? I was in the middle of my weekly grocery shopping when a stroller crashed into me from the behind, hard and unexpectedly. When I turned, I expected a charming and jabbering child. Instead, I found a seven or eight year old in a stroller. I was surprised, to be honest about it, not expecting  such an older child in a stroller. I was confused whether this was a common sight or if I was oblivious to it. Did children that old really need to rely on strollers?

So, I did some research when I went home. 

According to a licensed naturopathic physician from a renowned Medical Institute, children should rely less and less on  strollers as they grow up. If use of strollers are limited after a child turns two years old, it will help in their muscular maturity.

what age do you stop using a stroller


For day-long activities, using a stroller is perfectly fine for a certain age. What’s not recommended is a 5-year-old idly sitting in a stroller, busy with gadgets. Using a stroller to rest and sleep is something every child needs, but they should not spend all day in it.

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Why should you avoid strollers at an older age?

Strollers are usually designed for 0-3 years old. If older children use it regularly, it can cause back tilt of their pelvis. Over time, it can negatively affect their posture. In an overpopulated country, space is already limited for young children to run around and play. If they don’t spend time running in what little space is available for them, a child can stay behind physically. Too much time on a stroller can affect their muscular and skeletal development in the long run.  

Between ages two and five, children grow up physically, emotionally and mentally. They are expected to learn a lot of things and participate in a number of achievements during this time. At ages two  to seven, they go through the pre-operational stage of cognitive advancement. This is the time for them to explore the world. Spending time in strollers will hinder all that.

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In some special cases, it is still acceptable for some 4 and 5 years old kids to use a stroller. They can be great and comfortable places for a nap or a rest, but children shouldn’t spend the entire day strapped to a buggy. It is vital to consider a child’s formative age when setting ground rules for using strollers.

Parents are the ones who decide when and where strollers should be used for their children. The main focus should be on whether a child is getting enough chance to run, walk and explore. A child’s earliest days are momentous and fleeting, and they should be enjoyed to the fullest.

There are many things that you need to consider before you stop using a stroller or when you limit using one.

When a stroller is a lifesaver

In any new or unfamiliar environment, a stroller can be crucial. Most strollers come with brakes, five-point straps, and other essential security features. They also have weather shields, muffs, and sun canopies to keep your child safe and protect them from harsh weather.

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Strollers are mainly used for convenience. It helps the busy parents to make rushed commutes, general errands, and multitask on the move without having to worry about their children. You can enjoy everything without having to carry your baby around in your arms. Your baby, too, will be comfortable and safe, and able to enjoy with you. Carrying your child in your arms for a long time can even damage your spine and make your arms tired. 


Before you buy a stroller, remember remember to find a solid, long-lasting one that will last years. The right stroller can be extremely helpful both for you and your child. This set of wheels can give you both physical and mental alleviation. If you’re buying a stroller for the first time, remember to look for one that has all the features you need. 

But if you are thinking to ditch your stroller, it may not be easy. You need to tactically transition it over time. There’s no official deadline on when to stop using a stroller, but it is better for your child if you don’t wait too long. 

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