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TOP 5 Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents Reviews 2020

Stepping out of home when it’s raining is quite implausible without an umbrella. Circumstances would be more appalling should you have a baby, whom you are carrying on the stroller. Pushing the stroller with one hand and holding the umbrella on the other, would be the worst possible scenario for the parents. This realization has paved the path for Umbrella Stroller. Umbrella strollers got their name due to the ‘J’ shape of the handles, which resembles that of an umbrella handle. These classic strollers have always been a very popular choice for parents, mostly because they’re so easy to use. Besides, compact design along with a lightweight structure, making them easy to manage.

If you happen to be tall, the best umbrella stroller for tall parents is going to be one where the handles are positioned higher, or one that allows you to adjust the handles yourself. There are quite a few choices these days when it comes to taller umbrella strollers, which means you’re able to choose from some of the very best umbrella strollers. Whether you need a very basic umbrella stroller for doing things like shopping or taking day trips, or something a bit sturdier for everyday use, there’s an umbrella stroller made just for you.

#List Of The Top 5 Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents – Editor’s Pick:

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

Inglesina Net Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Are umbrella strollers safe?

Undoubtedly, umbrella strollers are indeed safe for your child. You’ll need to make sure that you carefully read the instructions that come with the umbrella stroller you choose to buy in order to use it safely. Umbrella strollers do come with safety harness systems, which is going to keep your child exactly where they’re supposed to be.

How old does my child need to be to ride in an umbrella stroller?

It depends. Some stroller companies do make stroller’s that can accommodate children as young as just a few months old, which involves allowing the seat to recline all the way down so the child can lay flat. There are some other manufacturers, who impose an age limit for the user. It’s advised to be watchful prior to buying one, so that you don’t need to rush to the shop again to change it.   

How long will an umbrella stroller last?

For the most part, that depends on the manufacturer as well as how it’s being used. There’s a wide variety of umbrella strollers from which you can choose from nowadays, with some easily lasting a few years and others lasting up to 10 years. It really depends on the overall quality of the stroller, as well as how much you plan on using it. An umbrella stroller used every day isn’t going to last as long as an umbrella stroller used once or twice a month.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, all strollers including umbrella strollers come with a weight limit. The limit for any particular stroller solely depends on manufacturer, with the average weight being 50 pounds. Some umbrella strollers will only hold about 35 pounds, while others can hold up to 65 pounds, so be sure to check the weight limits on any umbrella stroller you’re interested in to make sure the weight limits will work for you.

Do the seats recline on umbrella strollers?

Yes, but to varying degrees. While some umbrella strollers allow for many different reclining positions, others are very limited. Because some will only have a few reclining options, this can be limiting when it comes to a child’s comfort because it doesn’t recline all the way back, allowing for nap time. Others come with multiple reclining options, including the option to recline the seat all the way down for napping purposes.

Can I jog using an umbrella stroller?

No. Umbrella strollers are mainly used for everyday use, but are also often used for traveling purposes, day trip adventures, and shopping. Accordingly, they are designed to maneuver easily and be light in weight for easy toting. Jogging strollers are made specifically for jogging, which means that the entire structure was designed to go at fast speeds. The wheels on a jogging stroller are also specifically created for going fast.

How much do umbrellas strollers weigh?

The majority of umbrella strollers weigh anywhere between 7 pounds and 25 pounds. As you can see, this is quite a difference in weight. Most umbrella strollers tend to fall somewhere between 12 pounds and 16 pounds, which tends to be an easy weight to carry for any parent.

Can I push an umbrella stroller over anything, like sand?

No. Because umbrella strollers tend to be more compact and lightweight, they’re simply not built to go through or over rough terrain. Some tend to do very well on even terrain, like sidewalks, but some additional features required to do so.

Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents

1. ​Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Review

When it comes to maneuverability, this umbrella stroller tested very well. And although it tends to push very well on flat surfaces, some resistance will be there if trying to push it through rough debris. Comes with single action brakes, which are controlled using your feet instead of your hands.

The storage basket under the seat provides adequate space for your items, but can be a bit difficult to reach when the seat is reclined all the way back. The sun canopy provides sufficient protection from the elements. Weighing in at just over 13 pounds, it’s also fairly small and lightweight, making it easy to use and transport.


  • A convenient height of 39 inches
  • Very easy to maneuver, a feature every parent loves
  • 5-point harness system for safety
  • Supports a child up to 44 pounds
  • Average storage basket underneath seat
  • Foot rest is very user friendly
  • Lots of seat padding for extra comfort


  • Seat doesn’t recline all the way down flat
  • Folding it down requires two hands; must be locked manually
  • Difficult to reach storage basket when seat is reclined
  • Sun protection canopy is small and doesn’t have an SPF rating

2. ​UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller Review

This umbrella stroller is a great choice if you’re looking for a stroller to use mainly on even, smooth paths, like sidewalks. Although it’s heavier than most similar strollers, it has all wheel suspension and ergonomic handles, making it very easy to push.

Sensibly designed to enhance the user experience , including a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry when not in use. The storage basket holds up to 10 pounds, but can only be easily accessed when the stroller seat is in an upright position. The large canopy provides excellent sun protection with an SPF of 50, and doesn’t include a window.


  • A 45” height makes this a best umbrella stroller for tall parents
  • 5-point harness system for safety
  • Comfortable, padded seat
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • All wheel suspension makes it super easy to push on even paths
  • Large sun shade with an SPF of 50
  • Capacious storage basket


  • Tends to be on the heavy side
  • Doesn’t push, maneuver well on uneven terrain
  • Seat doesn’t lie back all the way, no flat position
  • Hard to access storage basket when seat is reclined

3. ​Inglesina USA Net Stroller Review

You’ll receive many features and benefits when you choose this best umbrella stroller for tall parents. The fact that this is one of the lightest umbrella strollers available today is definitely one of the top selling points. And because it folds very small for extra convenience, it’s a great choice for day trips or traveling.

Although it has front wheel suspension for easy pushing, it isn’t as easy to push as other umbrellas strollers that have all wheel suspension. The sun canopy has an SPF of 50, and doesn’t include a window. The storage space underneath the seat is fairly limited and may accommodate a small diaper bag.


  • A 43” height definitely makes this a best umbrella stroller for tall parents
  • A great choice when traveling or taking day trips
  • Padded seat can be removed to reveal mesh seat, which is perfect for really hot days
  • Easy to fold, unfold and carry
  • Brakes are easy to use


  • Could be easier to push, best when used on smooth surfaces
  • No leg rest included
  • Seat doesn’t recline very far back
  • Storage space is quite small and hard to access

4. ​Maclaren Quest Stroller, Plum/Marmalade Review

Tall parents need not to bend to push this stroller, as this lightweight stroller comes with a convenient handlebar height of 42.8 inches. The seat area provides plenty of room for your child, and you can recline it using only one hand. Adjustable leg rest, ensures comfort for both toddlers and young children.

The sun canopy provides SPF 50+ protection from the sun and wind, and there’s plenty of room for storage as there’s a storage basket underneath the seat as well as a storage pocket behind the seat. All suspension wheels made for a super smooth ride, which makes both parent and child happy.


  • A 42.8” height makes this a best umbrella stroller for tall parents
  • Ergonomic handlebars are comfortable to use
  • 5-point harness safety system
  • Can accommodate your child from birth to 55 pounds
  • Large canopy has mesh and plastic windows
  • Easy to fold up and carry, comes with shoulder strap for easy transporting
  • Seat cover is removable and machine washable


  • Not self-standing once folded
  • Sun canopy could be bigger
  • Difficult to see child through the window in canopy
  • You’re not able to put the seat in a complete upright position
  • Doesn’t include a cup holder

5. ​gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller, Monument Black Review

Even though this best umbrella stroller for tall parents isn’t quite as high as some of the other tall umbrella strollers, it easily facilitates parents who are looking for an umbrella stroller that doesn’t require them to hunch over when pushing.

It’s very easy to maneuver, given that it has swivel lock front wheels. The fact that this umbrella stroller is also very light in weight and easy to fold and unfold, makes this stroller a great choice for tall parents who want a strong, stable stroller that’s also lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • A 39.8” height makes this a best umbrella stroller for tall parents
  • Officially known as the world’s smallest folding stroller
  • Weighs only 9.5 pounds, making it super convenient for day trips or traveling
  • Super easy to fold, unfold, and is self-standing
  • Holds a child up to 55 pounds (most only accommodate up to 50 pounds)


  • Seat doesn’t recline all the way down, which means it’s not recommended for children under six months of age
  • Sun protection canopy is very small
  • Must use manual lock to secure the stroller, instead of an automatic lock


Height, is one of the most desired features of human being. But could be proved troublesome when it comes to handling something with a very low height and quite evident in operating a stroller. But if you chose the appropriate designs (as described in this article) which are made to alleviate your hardship, you can enjoy the full leverage of being tall.

We chose the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller as the best umbrella stroller for tall parents because it offers so many useful benefits. Even though it only pushes best on even surfaces, the fact that it has all wheel suspension means that it’s very easy to push, which means parents won’t get tired when pushing for long periods of time.

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