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Best 6 Seat Stroller Reviews

Do you have a large family? Are you a daycare provider who’s in need of a large stroller? If you have at least six kids you’re taking care of, it’s highly likely that you’re in need of a stroller that can carry six kids at one time. It takes a great deal of exertion to care for many children at a time, and a 6 seat stroller can definitely help keep you organized when needing to go out for the day.

​Most strollers designed to accommodate up to two children. There are a few that can accommodate up to three children. But when you have more than three children, you’re going to need a large stroller that can accommodate all of them at one time.

#List Of The Top 5 Six Seat Stroller – Editor’s Pick:

6-Passenger Folding Stroller

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel

WONDERFOLD W4 4 Seater Multi-Function Quad Stroller

6-Passenger Fat Tire Stroller

Angeles Fat Tire Bye-Bye Bus

Are 6 seat stroller’s safe to use?

Yes, they are entirely safe to use. Every stroller must go through a number of safety and performance tests in order to make sure that it meets all of the safety standards required by law, and large strollers are included. In order to make a 6 seat stroller safe, a lot of focus is put on building a strong frame. These frames are made using high-quality steel, which is going to give a large stroller the backing it needs to carry so many children safely.

Do they have brakes?

Yes, a 6 seat stroller includes brakes for safety reasons. Know that every 6 seat stroller comes with a safety handle, located on the handlebar that requires you to hold it down when pushing the stroller. When you let go of this safety handle it automatically triggers the brake system, which means the stroller isn’t going anywhere.

Do I need to do anything special to push such a large stroller?

No. But you do need to read the manual diligently that comes with the stroller you choose in order to use it accurately. It may take a bit of practice when you first use a 6 seat stroller, as they are quite large. This makes it a good idea for you to practice using the stroller before officially taking it out for the first time with a full crew.

Is it hard to push a 6 seat stroller?

Entirely depends on how strong you are, as well as how well you’re able to maneuver such a large stroller. With some practice, anyone should be able to push a 6 seater stroller. Know that stroller manufacturers do their best to make their strollers easy to use by adding a number of beneficial features, like adding all terrain tires and no-roll technology.

Can I take a six-seat stroller off-road?

Yes, you sure can. Because 6 seater supports a lot of weight, they use high-quality wheels. These wheels are made to go over any terrain, which is really convenient as you’re not limited as to where you’re able to go when pushing such a large stroller. The large wheels also allow you to maneuver the stroller easily, no matter what terrain you’re going over.

Is there enough room for storage?

6 seat strollers don’t tend to offer a lot of storage room. This is unfortunate because you’d think there would be more storage available on a larger stroller that holds more children. But the fact is, if storage space were added, it would be much heavier, which might lessen the movability. Although there is some storage space provided, people who are looking for a stroller that can support up to 6 kids often expect a bit more storage space in order to accommodate so many children.

Are 6 seat strollers heavy?

Yes, they are. A 6 seat stroller tends to weigh anywhere between 100 and 175 pounds. Although this is a lot of weight, you should bear in mind that steel is used to make the frame and that it can accommodate up to six children.

Can I use it to push only 3 or 4 kids?

Yes, you can. It’s not necessary for all the seats to be filled in order to use a 6 seat stroller.

Is such a large stroller hard to take care of, clean?

The heavy-duty fabric that’s used when making larger strollers has been specifically chosen to make it easy for users to take care of it. Stroller manufacturers understand a user’s concern when it comes to cleaning such a large stroller, so they chose easy to clean materials that are made to last for many years. The rest of the stroller can be cleaned with water and a little bit of non-abrasive cleaner, using a soft cloth to wipe over the entire stroller.

Best 6 Seat Stroller

1. ​6-Passenger Folding Stroller Review

This 6-passenger stroller is light in weight due to its tubular steel frame, making it a great choice for users who are looking for a lightweight 6 seater. The tires are made to go over any surface, which is great because you’re not limited when it comes to going wherever you want to go for the day with this high-quality stroller. And the fact that this extra-large stroller comes with no-roll technology means that it will stay wherever you put it.

It does come with its own brake system, so you have full control over the stroller at all times. The materials used to make this stroller are resistant to fading, which means you can spend the whole day outside and not have to worry about any damage being done to the material fabric.

The seats are spacious, and also satisfying because they have lots of padding. The seats also recline for comfort. You can remove the canopy if you wish, and there’s adequate storage room so you may be able to bring everything you need for the day.


  • Tubular steel frame makes for a lightweight stroller
  • All terrain tires
  • No-roll technology
  • Includes brake system
  • Materials used are fade resistant
  • Large comfortable seats that recline


  • Storage space could be bigger

2. ​Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 6 Passenger Stroller Review

The only 6 seat stroller that’s been engineered to accommodate children up to 50 pounds, which is pretty impressive. The seats have also been designed to provide more room for each child, which includes headroom, particularly beneficial for tall children.

The reason why this quality 6 seater can hold so much weight is that the entire frame is made out of steel. It includes a brake system for safety, which will engage automatically when the user isn’t touching the stroller.

An additional parking brake is included, which is manual so you can choose to set it when you need extra braking power, like when on a steep incline. The wheels on this big stroller are the largest made, which means you can expect excellent maneuverability. Every seat includes the 5-point safety harness system, which will keep every child exactly where they’re supposed to be.


  • Every seat can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds
  • 5-point safety harness system
  • Large seating area with lots of headroom
  • Frame is made out of quality steel
  • Includes two brake systems for safety
  • Wheels are the largest available for any stroller


  • Heavy at 107 pounds, but it is a 6 seat stroller

3. ​6-Passenger Folding Stroller by Angeles Review

This steel made 6 seater is considerably sturdy and durable. And although this manufacturer uses steel vs. aluminum, it’s not as heavy as you think it would be because the frame is tubular. The wheels on this 6 seat stroller are specifically made to go over any rough terrain, including dirt paths, rocks and grassy areas.

The fabric is made using materials that are both resistant to water and resistant to fading, which means you can expect it to carry on for many years to come.

As this large stroller comes with no-roll technology, you don’t have to worry about anything happening when you’re not standing right next to the stroller. The comfort grip brake system that’s included is an additional safety system, and means that if you’re not touching the handle, this 6 seat stroller isn’t moving by an inch.


  • Uses quality steel to make tubular frame
  • 5-point safety harness system
  • Wheels can easily go over any terrain
  • High-quality fabrics are resistant to water and fading
  • No-roll technology
  • Comfort grip brake system


  • Storage basket underneath seat can be difficult to access

4. ​6-Passenger Fat Tire Stroller Review

The frame on this 6 seat stroller is steel welded, which means it’s going to be very strong and sturdy, a must have feature when transporting multiple children. You can adjust the handlebar on this stroller, which is a really great option when more than one person is going to be using the stroller. The seats are adjustable as you’re able to recline back a bit for comfort, and can hold up to 40 pounds.

Every seat comes with a 5-point safety harness system, which keeps every child safely secured in their own seat. The canopy is positioned directly over the children, so there’s not a lot of side protection.

The materials used are resistant to fading, as well as water resistant, which means that the fabric will last for many years to come and is easy to clean. The storage compartment is quite small and thus only allows for bringing minimal items.


  • Steel welded makes for a strong and sturdy large stroller
  • Handlebar is adjustable, which is great when short or tall people are using it
  • 5-point safety harness system
  • Quality materials are used


  • Although seats recline, they don’t recline back very far
  • Protective canopy doesn’t provide side protection from the elements
  • Insignificant storage area

5. ​Angeles Fat Tire Bye-Bye Bus 6-Passenger Review

How much fun do you think children would have when riding in this 6 seat stroller? This large stroller comes in bright yellow, resembling a school bus. Children of all ages are attracted to this stroller, and enjoy riding in it no matter where they’re going. Although this 6 seat stroller doesn’t offer a lot of features when it comes to comfort, it does offer stadium style seating, which is pretty cool.

Stadium seating means that the children sitting in the second and third seats can still see in front of them as their seats are just a little higher than the one in front of them. It comes with all terrain ‘fat’ tires so that you can push it over any terrain with less effort.

And because the front wheels swivel it’s very easy to maneuver, a very important feature when pushing 6 kids at one time. Is able to fit through standard doorways.

All seats come with a 5-point safety harness system, ensuring that the little ones stay exactly where they’re supposed to be. Foot brake is included for additional safety. Built in storage compartment could be bigger.


  • Stadium seating
  • 5-point safety harness system
  • All-terrain wheels allow you to push the stroller literally anywhere
  • Swiveling front wheels allow for easy maneuvering
  • Foot brake system


  • Small built in storage compartment


When it comes to finding a 6 seat stroller that offers the best stroller features, we chose the Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 6 Passenger Stroller, LX6. This is the only 6 seat stroller designed to accommodate children up to 50 pounds, and we know that there are many users who want the ability for a large stroller to hold as many pounds per seat as possible. Add because the seats offer more room than other large strollers, kids are simply going to be more cozy, when riding in this 6 seat stroller.

The frame is made using high-quality steel, thus you don’t have to worry about anything breaking, even after many years of use. Two brake systems are included for additional safety. And because they use the largest wheels made for strollers, you can maneuver this 6 seater with no problem at all. A 5-point safety harness system is included in every seat, keeping kids exactly where they’re supposed to be at all times.

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