Best Stroller For Three Kids

Are you one of those lucky parents who have triplets? Are you worried about taking them all together outside for a walk/grocery or some other outing? Then, the stroller for three is a thing that can make your life easy. Many strollers are available in the market that has separate seats for two and even three kids. These strollers can also be used by multiple parents if they all go to the same destination at the same time.

Now, you got a thing that can help to handle your kids. The next question is which one to buy? There are numerous options available in the market. However, be aware! Don’t go for just glittery things. Consider all relevant factors that can make your trip an easy one and enjoyable.

Top 8 Best Stroller For Three Kids

1. Angeles Infant Toddler Bye-Bye Stroller  Review

Angeles Infant Toddler Bye-Bye Stroller

This Bye-Bye Stroller is manufactured from Angeles brand. This stroller can accommodate four kids both infants and toddlers at the same time. The size dimensions of this stroller are 37 inches length, 33 inches width, and 36 inches height.

The weight of this commercial stroller is 77 pounds or 34.93 kg. It comes with different features that can ensure an easy ride. It comes with no-roll technology with a comfort-grip brake system. This feature ensures to stop the stroller immediately and without getting rolled in the case of urgency.

It possesses an ability to get folded into three steps easily to assist you in carrying it anywhere. With its tubular steel frame, this stroller is made sturdy and lightweight with easy manipulation.

The fabric of this bye-bye stroller is made fade-resistant to maintain the looks of the stroller after passing sometime. Its fabric is easy to clean and water-repellent to prevent water absorption. 

As far as the price of this four-passenger stroller is concerned, it is slightly high. Among the list of the stroller of three, it is probably the second most expensive stroller. However, considering its ability to accommodate four kids and other additional features, it deserves this price range.


  • This stroller is quite durable still lightweight stroller option because of its tubular steel frame.
  • It has easy maneuvering because of its sure stop and comfortable grip-brake system.
  • It is safe to move this stroller in all types of surfaces because of its All-terrain tires.
  • This stroller is easily modifiable according to your needs, because of its easy folding, and removable canopy features.


  • As this stroller comes with all-terrain tires, it might not offer a smooth ride.
  • Because of its large size and heavy weight, some people may find it difficult to move.

This four-passenger stroller offers easy manipulating, durability, additional storage, diversity, and all types of control system over the stroller. Though price range is a bit high, if you can afford it, then go for this stroller.

2. Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller Review

Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stroller can accommodate three kids. It comes with the facility to carry kid from the age group of 6+ months old to 2.5+ years.

It possesses two seats at the front that can hold two infants or 6 months plus kids with the maximum weight limit of 40 pounds. However, at the back, there is only one seat. 

However, that is large enough to carry a kid of 2.5+ year’s age. Also, the rear seat provides the option for a kid to sit as well as stand in the stroller. The maximum weight limit of this stroller is 125 pounds.

This stroller can easily be adjusted according to the changing requirements. You can convert its rear seat with the infant seats with more inclination. Also, they come with two car seat adapter to put it on the car quickly.  

This stroller contains two-position reclines in the front seats for baby comfort. It also possesses adjustable footrests and two child trays. The price of this stroller is quite reasonable. It lies in the lower-middle range among the list of the stroller for three.


  • This stroller can be lightweight for you, because of its 32.2 pounds weight.
  • This product offers easy modification options with the kids of different age groups.
  • It can offer better protection to all kids with its 5-points harnesses.
  • It might be easy for you to push and move this stroller, because of its sealed-bearings wheels.


  • Because of its extensive features, it is quite big even when folded.
  • It might be difficult to carry it inside the car, because of its big folded size.

This stroller offers plenty of modification options. It also provides lightweight, durability, protection, easy maneuver, and comfort for kids. The price range is also affordable. If you are okay with its large size, then go for it.

3. BeBeLove USA Triple Stroller Review

BeBeLove USA Triple Stroller

This BeBeLove stroller can accommodate three kids in a row. As this stroller is USA product, so it meets all standards and quality criteria that are usually met by the USA made products.

The most distinguished feature of this stroller is its fixed front wheels. As they are large, fixed and have metal rims, they ensure very smooth straight riding. This stroller also possesses canopy that can remove and extended easily.

Another prominent feature of this product is its storage place for each seat. The overall storage places this stroller possess include three under seat basket, three back seat pockets, and six pockets at side.

With its peak through windows, it is easy to keep an eye on everything. This stroller gives it full control to parents through its hand and foot breaks. The baby seats are reclined at their fullest position and contain five-point harnesses to ensure baby safety.

Though quality and features of this stroller are exceptional, the price range is also very high. This stroller is the most expensive stroller option among the list of the stroller for three.


  • With its fixed tires, it can be easy to move this stroller as it prevents sudden turning of wheels.
  • With its numerous storage points, it can be super comfortable stroller option.
  • As this stroller is quite simple in its structure, it can be a lightweight option for you.
  • It can be super comfy for kids, because of its fully reclined seats.


  • As it contains only one shade that covers all three kids, this might create a problem for you.
  • Because of having three seats in a row, it might not b possible to pass this stroller through the single door.

If you are willing to pay some extra bucks, then this stroller can offer superior quality, safety, easy maneuver, and other versatile features.

4. Childcraft The Trio Sport Stroller Review

Childcraft The Trio Sport Stroller

This Childcraft Sports Stroller is manufactured in tandem style. It can accommodate three kids at the same time. The most distinguished feature of this stroller is its heavy-duty rubberized foam wheels.

These wheels absorb the impact of shock or collision and give the baby a very comfy ride. It also comes with a canopy to keep kids free of harsh sunlight and UV rays. The frame of this stroller is made up of durable tubing to ensure its durability along with lightweight and easy maneuvering.

It comes with five-point harnesses with three different height adjustments to accommodate the kids of different size and weight. The handles of this stroller are made ergonomically to ensure easy and comfortable maneuver to parents.​

An additional feature of this stroller includes rear storage place. The price range of this stroller is also average among the group of the stroller for three products. You can afford it easily.


  • It can be easy to adjust the kids of different size because of its harness height adjustments.
  • With its tandem style, you can easily fold it to carry it anywhere.
  • It is a lightweight and durable stroller because of its tubing frame.
  • It can be super smooth riding option for your kids due to its rubberized foam wheels.


  • It can be heavier than other multiple kid stroller option.

As its price range is affordable, it also offers durability, smooth ride, safety, and ergonomic features for parents too. If you are fine with the tandem style stroller, then it should be your pick.

5. Foundations The Trio Sport Stroller Review

Foundations The Trio Sport Stroller

This stroller is also tandem style stroller with space for three kids. This stroller is manufactured through tubing technique that ensures to keep the stroller lightweight yet durable.

It comes with ergonomic handles to make stroller maneuver easy for parents. Among three kids space, it can withstand the weight of 40 pounds for each kid.

This stroller contains five-point harnesses and height adjustments to make kids feel comfortable sitting in the stroller. With its extended canopy, kids can be kept sunlight and UV rays protected.

This stroller can pass through the door of standard size. This thing makes moving stroller easy for parents. Kids other accessories can also be stored in the rear storage. The price range of this stroller is average.


  • This stroller might give extra protection to the kids through its five point harnesses.
  • It is effortless to carry the stroller because of its lightweight and ergonomic handles.
  • With its canopy, kids can be kept protected from sunlight.
  • It might help in preventing bumps during uneven pavement because of its foam wheels.


  • Because of its tandem style, it can be difficult to turn and steer the stroller.

In an average price range, this stroller can offer durability, ease of use, kid protection, and lightweight features. If it is all you are looking for, then this stroller can be your pick.

6. Child Craft Sports Child Stroller Review

Child Craft Sports Child Stroller

Child Craft Sports Child Stroller is a stroller in a beautiful color with the accommodation facilities of three kids. It can withstand the weight of fewer than 40 pounds for each kid. It offers convenience and ease of use to parents through its easy folding options.

Moreover, it offers protection to the stroller through its safe brake system. It stops the stroller in case if the handle is released. With its easy maneuver, parents can easily roam it around with even three kids inside the stroller.

The total weight of the product is 59 pounds that is still okay for the stroller of three kids. The size dimensions of this stroller are 56 inches length, 32.5 inches width, and 47 inches height. The fabric used is made up of durable nylon.


  • As the fabric used in this stroller is made up of nylon, it can offer softness and comfort to the kid.
  • It can be easy to have full control over the stroller because of its safe brake system.
  • As it contains separate canopy for all, it can be easy to manage according to kids requirement.
  • It can be lightweight stroller option for you.


  • Among three seats, as the last one cannot recline to its fullest, it might create some problems for the kid lying on the last seat.
  • Even upon folding the size of the stroller is 3 to 4 feet long, it might not get fit inside all types of cars.

If you buy this stroller, the benefits you will get involve comfort, easy maneuver, easy control and average price range. Its folded size is quite big if you can manage with this size then go for this stroller. Like most other products of the list of the stroller for three, this one also belongs to the category of the averagely priced stroller.

7. Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller Review

Peg Perego Triplette SW Stroller

This stroller is manufactured by one of the famous stroller brand Peg Preggo. As the brand of the product says a lot about its features, therefore, you already have gotten enough idea about this stroller durability.

This stroller comes with multiple benefits. First of all easy maneuver is provided through steering wheel handlebar. This handlebar offers full control over the direction and speed of wheels.

This stroller contains seats that can be inclined at their fullest position to offer kids a comfortable ride. It also possesses two-position footrests to accommodate the kids of very heights.

This stroller also gives you an opportunity to turn the face of kids towards the front or rear side depending on your choice. It contains a big storage basket that can keep different kids accessories. On folding, the stroller folded completely into a petite size flat position. It can make transportation of this stroller easy.

Besides its exceptional features, you can purchase this stroller in a very nominal price range. This stroller probably comes in the category of lowest price range among the list of the stroller for three products.


  • It might be a fun stroller for kids, because of its option to change the face direction of kids according to their choice.
  • With its steering wheel, it becomes straightforward for parents to move this stroller.
  • It might be super comfortable stroller option for kids, because of its back and foot resting.
  • It can be highly lightweight and easy to transport, because of its flat folding.


  • Due to its structure, this stroller might not be good for jogging.

If you buy this stroller, you can get good quality product along with many useful features. You should go for this stroller, as the price range is also very nominal.

8. Foundations Worldwide Foundations Stroller Review

Foundations Worldwide Foundations Stroller

This Foundations Worldwide stroller comes in beautiful blue color with the facility to accommodate three kids. The most distinguished feature of this stroller is its steel body that provides durability besides keeping weight completely light.

All material used is of superior quality imported material. Because of its durability, this stroller can endure the weight up to 50 pounds for each kid.

 In the case of any urgency, SafeBreak will keep stroller engaged to prevent any mishap. It comes with the facility to offer kids extra protection through its five points safety harness. It also possesses large-sized canopy to protect kids from the sun.

Furthermore, it offers easy transportation through its easy folding.The price range of this stroller is slightly high. However, considering all its imported material and good quality, it deserves this price range.


  • It can be super convenient stroller option, because of its SafeBreak system.
  • It can be a highly lightweight stroller, because of its steel frame.
  • Unlike other strollers, it offers more weight endurance because of its durable materials.
  • Because of its large wheels, it can give you easy maneuver.


  • Because of its single canopy covering all three seats, it might make difficult to keep all kids contented and covered.

This stroller can offer lightweight, highly-good quality, safety, kid protection, easy folding, and easy maneuver. The price range is slightly high, but if you can afford it, then this stroller should be your pick.


We have seen many people, who only bother to check looks, price range, and other attractive add-ons while purchasing the stroller for three. They completely ignore the factors that can make your kids’ and your trip easy and comfortable. This approach can make you suffer in the long run.

In this article, we have discussed few strollers along with their brief review. We have also mentioned their pros and cons to make important points of stroller prominent to you. But if you are still confused then go with our choice i.e. Angeles Infant Toddler Bye-Bye Stroller.