TOP 5 Best Jogging stroller for big kid Reviews

Has your child outgrown their stroller? If your child is too big to fit into a regular jogging stroller, then it’s time for you to start looking into getting a jogging stroller that’s made specifically for bigger kids. The majority of single jogging strollers hold up to about 50 pounds of weight, with double jogging strollers allowing for up to 100 or even 125 pounds of total weight. Because more and more people are jogging for exercise these days, stroller companies are doing their best to accommodate big kids so parents can still get their exercise in as their kids grow bigger and bigger.

When it comes to finding a jogging stroller for big kid, know that there are quite a few options you can choose from. And although most jogging strollers only hold up to about 50 pounds of weight, there are also some that can hold up to 75 pounds, which should easily accommodate a kid somewhere between the ages of 5 and 8. And because jogging strollers have 2 wheels in the back and one wheel in the front, you’re going to get the stability you need when pushing a larger kid.

Are larger jogging strollers bulky and/or heavy?

Not necessarily. The majority of jogging strollers are designed for younger kids, which means they’ve been made to support kids up to 50 pounds. As the need for jogging strollers to hold more weight continues to grow, more and more stroller companies are looking to accommodate this need. As this requires them to build a stronger stroller to hold the extra weight many are now using aluminum construction, which is both strong and light in weight.

My kid is also tall. Is there enough room for him?

For the most part, yes. When you’re in need of a jogging stroller for big kid, you’re going to want enough seat room as well as enough head room. This makes it necessary for you to check the dimensions on these two aspects in order to be sure that your kid is going to have enough head room to be comfortable.

How comfortable is a jogging stroller for big kid?

Besides being sure that the seat area is big or wide enough, there are a few more things you should look for, like how much padding is in the seat area, how far back the seat reclines, as well as the overall suspension. A quality suspension system is going to offer both you and your kid a much more smoother ride, which is going to make it comfortable for both you and your kid when you go out jogging.

How easy is it to push my big kid in a jogging stroller?

It’s very easy. Jogging strollers are specifically made for going at fast speeds, which means they have been designed in a way that makes pushing them easy to do even when pushing a big kid. The wheels are not only designed for speed, they’re also designed to go over rough terrain, making for a very smooth ride.

Will it keep my big kid safe?

Yes. Quality jogging strollers all include a number of safety features in order to keep your big kid safe. The main safety feature includes a 5-point harness system, which insures your kid is securely strapped into the seat.

Do the seats in jogging strollers recline?

Yes. Although each jogging stroller may have its own number when it comes to how many seats recline choices there are available. Know that not all seats fold all the way down flat, which some parents prefer for naptime.

Best Jogging stroller for big kid

1. ​BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller Review

BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

This jogging stroller puts a lot of emphasis on its suspension system, which means you and your big kid can expect a super smooth ride when using this stroller. The seat reclines to multiple positions for added comfort. You’re able to adjust the front wheel to fit your agenda for the day, i.e. jogging, going over rough terrain, or going for a walk.

Because this jogging stroller has excellent maneuverability, you can also use it when going shopping or just hanging out with friends. The handlebar is adjustable, which is really convenient when more than one person uses the stroller.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds
  • 5-point harness system for safety
  • High quality suspension system makes for a smooth ride
  • Provides lots of stability, essential for a jogging stroller for big kid
  • Adjustable handlebar, great for both short and tall parents
  • Although easy to fold up and store, requires 2 hands to do so
  • Extremely easy to maneuver, making it a great choice for any outing
  • Super large storage basket holds everything you need for the day


  • Bulky so takes up a lot of space when not in use
  • When folding up it doesn’t have an automatic lock, which means you’re required to use a strap to secure
  • No bumper bar
  • Doesn’t include a cup holder
  • You’ll need to inflate the tires from time to time

2. ​Thule Urban Glide – Jogging Stroller Review

Thule Urban Glide

This luxury jogging stroller for big kid includes many features that make it very simple to use. The overall design is one that’s super sleek, making it very pleasing to the eye and thus the perfect jogging stroller to take on special trips. Weighing only 23 pounds, this stroller is one of the lightest strollers available for big kids, making it very easy to maneuver.

It’s also easy to fold up when not using, requiring only one hand to do so. Protection from the sun comes via a sun shade, which you can easily adjust as needed.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds
  • 5-point harness system for safety
  • Seat is adjustable and reclines for comfort
  • Overall weight is only 23 pounds so easy to tote
  • Ergonomic handlebar that’s fully adjustable
  • Easy to fold up when storing, transporting
  • Wrist strap included for additional safety
  • Large storage basket area underneath seat is also water resistant
  • Large sun shade includes see through window


  • Seat does not provide a lot of room
  • Doesn’t self-stand when folded up
  • Seat doesn’t sit all the way up, which most big kids like to do
  • Auto lock feature not available

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Trend Range Jogging

This jogging stroller is very easy to manage, making it a great choice for parents who are looking for an easy to maneuver stroller. Although this is indeed a great jogging stroller for big kid to ride in, the weight limit is 55 pounds vs. 75 pounds, so it’s a little more geared towards older kids vs. bigger kids.

The wheels are explicitly made to give a smooth ride, even when going over rocky terrain, so kids can expect to be comfortable. There’s plenty of sun protection when under the canopy, which is completely adjustable. When folding the stroller after use, it tends to be quite bulky.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 55 pounds
  • 5-point harness system for safety
  • Very large basket underneath seat allows for plenty of storage
  • Sun protective canopy is adjustable
  • Easily glides over rough terrain, making for a smooth and comfortable ride


  • Not easy to reach and inflate the tires when they need more air
  • Only accommodates kids up to 42” tall
  • A little too bulky when folded up
  • Handlebar isn’t adjustable
  • One of the heavier single jogging strollers, coming in at 27 pounds

4. ​Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Review

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

his newer, more modern style of a jogging stroller for big kid is very lightweight, making it super easy to push anywhere you want to go. The reason why this quality stroller is lighter than many others is due to its aluminum frame construction, which also provides strength.

A lot of attention went into the shock absorbing suspension, which makes for a much more comfortable ride than lesser systems. A really nice feature includes the ability for you to adjust the swivel wheels for whether you’re walking or jogging, giving you the flexibility you’re looking for in a high-quality jogging stroller. Includes a parent organizer.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds
  • Extra wide seat allows for more room​
  • Large canopy that protects your kid from the elements
  • Large basket underneath allows for lots of storage room
  • Rear axle allows for easier, straighter pushing; great for jogging fast
  • Mesh pockets provide a place for your kid to keep their snacks, toys
  • One step parking brake located in the back for extra safety
  • Comes with tire pump


  • Seat could have more padding
  • Seat doesn’t allow for a lot of room if your kid is tall
  • Although lightweight it’s still bulky, which can make it difficult to manage, transport
  • Not enough protection from the elements when the seat is in the recline position
  • Handlebar isn’t adjustable (it’s 40” from ground to handlebar)
  • No hand brake

5. ​Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Jogger Summit X3

This jogging stroller is very versatile as it includes many features that make it really easy to use, making it a good choice for both new and seasoned joggers. Because the seat is quite roomy and can hold up to 75 pounds, this is a great choice when needing a jogging stroller for big kid. Plenty of suspension is included, which makes for a smooth ride.

Front swivel wheel is adjustable, so you can take this quality stroller with you anywhere no matter whether you’re jogging or walking. There’s plenty of protection from the sun as it comes with a very large canopy that also has two windows, making it easy for you to check on your kid. A large basket underneath the seat allows for plenty of storage.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds
  • 5-point harness for safety
  • Has hand brake for additional safety, perfect for when going down hills
  • Includes a parking brake for even more safety
  • Very large canopy that protects kids from the elements
  • Seat can be adjusted using only one hand
  • Suspension system allows for a super smooth ride
  • Storage basket is large and can be easily accessed


  • Stroller doesn’t automatically lock when folded up after using
  • Stroller isn’t able to stand up by itself after being folded
  • Stroller is bulky after folding up
  • Handlebar isn’t adjustable (it’s 40.5” from ground to handlebar)
  • Heavier than most jogging strollers, coming in at 28 pounds


When looking for a jogging stroller for bigger kids, you’re going to want as many features as possible that can make the stroller super easy to use. Although the decision was tough, we chose the Thule Urban Glide jogging stroller as the best jogging stroller for big kid. The reason why is because it simply had a few more benefits than the other jogging strollers when it came to toting a big kid around. The Thule Urban Glide is considered to be a luxury stroller, and not only because of the overall, modern design. The padded seat area holds up to 75 lbs, is roomy and has multiple reclining options, which makes for a comfortable ride for your child.

And you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety as they use the 5-point harness safety system, which will keep them exactly where they’re supposed to be. The handlebar is ergonomically designed, which is especially important for parents who plan on going on long jogging rides. The large storage basket underneath the seat provides enough storage for all of your essentials, and the large canopy allows you to check on your child when jogging. Designed for excellent maneuverability, the rear suspension allows for a super smooth ride, no matter what the terrain. At 23 lbs, it’s still considered to be light weight and thus an easy to transport jogging stroller.