Best Stroller For Disney

The Disney characters are not only kids’ favorite but most of the parents like them too. A stroller and a car seat are a must have accessory for any child. So, you should always buy something that excites you and your kids. If you are looking for the best stroller for Disney, then you can check our list of top Disney Strollers before deciding for which one you should buy. It is an item which not only your single child would use but others can also. So, you should not compromise on the material and the durability of this product.

Top 8 Best Stroller For Disney

1. Disney Umbrella Stroller, My Hunny Stripes  Review

Disney Umbrella Stroller

It is an excellent product for you if you want to introduce your child to the world of Disney from a tender age. This cute stroller is designed to feature Winnie the Pooh, a very famous character by Disney.

On the technical side, this stroller comes with a canopy to shield your child from harsh weather conditions. The manufacturers of this stroller realize that the skin of babies is susceptible to sunlight.

Hence the canopy is included. This stroller features a 3 point harness. Safety of your baby is the first and foremost priority with his stroller.  This stroller includes soft handles so that the parent might not feel uncomfortable when pushing this stroller.

Moreover, this stroller easily folds into one compact unit and is simply the best stroller for Disney lovers.


  • Soft handles so that hands might not hurt from pushing it around.
  • Features a very attractive and an aesthetically pleasing Winnie the Pooh design Includes a 3 point harness for maximum safety of the child. Comes with a canopy to shield your baby from sunlight.


  • No storage space for baby’s accessories.
  • This product is not sturdily built and might not perform very well on rough terrain due to the absence of strong wheels and a suspension.

This product is perfect for you if you are looking to buy a cheap and attractive stroller for your infant to keep him happy. However, if your budget allows, you should go for a stroller that is built to handle rough terrain and has a strong build.

2. Cosco Umbrella Monster Elliot Stroller Review

Cosco Umbrella Monster Elliot Stroller

Cosco is an adorable product and will make the finest gift for your toddler. This stroller features monsters from the famous animated Disney movie, Monsters Inc. the vibrant color of this stroller is bound to give a happy and energetic vibe to your kid and will keep him in a good mood while you take him along for a stroll.

It is the best stroller for Disney lovers. If we look at the technical specifications, this stroller has a fine build. It is very easy to setup the first time eliminating the need for unnecessary complex procedures.

The comfortable seat features a three point harness to keep your child safe and secure. On top of all these amazing features, this stroller is also very compact, portable and lightweight. You can easily carry it around.


  • Cheap
  • Includes a footrest for your baby. Easy umbrella fold to carry along in a car etc. Canopy


  • Not very strong.

It is a desirable product if your child loves to watch Disney cartoons. This stroller is also not very heavy on your wallet. Overall, a very good Disney stroller for your child.

3. Disney Saunter Luxe Floral Minnie Review

Disney Saunter Luxe Floral Minnie

Disney Saunter is an excellent choice for you if you have a baby girl. This stroller features Minnie mouse. The design of this stroller is best for a girl child as it is overloaded with a baby pink shade and is a very adorable sight for the parents.

Minnie Mouse is one of the most famous characters in the Disney world, and your child is surely bound to enjoy taking a stroll in this comfortable and joyful stroller. Apart from its aesthetically pleasing outlook, this stroller is built sturdily and strongly.

The comfort of your little angel is guaranteed if you choose this stroller.This stroller has a padded reclining seat so that you can set it at your desired angle and according to the comfort of your child.

The frame of this stroller is extra lightweight so that you have no issues when transporting it. It also includes a baby friendly tray on the front where you can put baby food as well and is the best stroller for Disney loving children.


  • Patented Sideguard protection to keep your child safe and sound. Can accommodate a weight of up to 50 pounds. Ultra-portable and lightweight. Adjustable seat Adjustable handles according to the height of the parent.
  • Includes a canopy to provide shade for your baby.


  • Disney Umbrella Stroller I Heart Mickey
  • Very pricey compared to other Disney strollers available in the market.

This product is the best in terms of comfort, portability, and strength. However, this stroller is a bit expensive if you compare it to other strollers. You can get a stroller with many more features at this price. It is overpriced considering its specifications.

4. Disney Umbrella Stroller I Heart Mickey Review

Disney Umbrella Stroller I Heart Mickey

This cute stroller is an essential for your baby if your child loves Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is the first cartoon character by Disney and by far the most famous cartoon character of all times.

This stroller features a picture of Mickey Mouse on the back, which is bound to make your child happy when he sees his favorite cartoon character every time he sits in his stroller.

This cute stroller is also a strong candidate in the tech department, considering its specifications. It is distinguished by its four-inch front and rear tires, which make it easy to maneuver.

It also features a locking mechanism for the wheels which makes it easy to park. A three point harness ensures the safety of your child and the canopy keeps your child safe from the sunlight. It is the best stroller for Disney lovers.


  • Easy scissor fold enables this stroller to fold into a compact unit when you need to carry it around when traveling.
  • 4-inch tires allowing greater maneuverability. A canopy included in the package. Attractive and cute design.


  • Not good enough for rough terrain.
  • Pricey considering its features.

It is a good option for you if your child is a fan of Mickey Mouse. This stroller allows for portability due to the scissor fold mechanism. It is good when it comes to maneuvering. However, it is not an excellent choice if you need to take this stroller out on rough terrain.

5. Disney Amble Quad Travel System Review

Disney Amble Quad Travel System

Disney stroller and a car seat is a great combination for your kid who loves Disney characters. The car seat is for infants it is quite light in weight so you can move it from the car to different places anytime when it’s needed.

What’s better in this package is that it comes with a stroller as well. This stroller can be used for your smaller kids and infants too. It contains a basket where you can store some important things while going for a walk or either roaming around in the mall.

There is a parent tray as well which can hold two cups for their feasibility. Disney travel system is of moderate price as it comes along with a lot of good features, so it is worth all the money.


  • The car seat is easy to tighten and loosen per your requirement.
  • The car seat is facing the parent. Storage basket. 2 in 1, basket and a stroller in one pack. Easily push away button to attach the seat to stroller.


  • If one needs one item, then it will be expensive for them to buy.
  • This stroller sometimes doesn’t roll straight.

Disney amble quad travel system is a great package to buy. No need to spend your money on two different products like this and a great combo as both the things will be matching.

6. Delta Children Umbrella Nick Jr. PAW Patrol Stroller Review

Delta Children Umbrella Nick Jr. PAW Patrol Stroller

The stroller of the delta is very light in weight, and they occupy very less space in comparison to other products. Babies ride safety the first and foremost thing to look out for.

Therefore stroller contains three-point harness which will keep it in the right place. If you are more of an outgoing person in all sorts of weather, you should opt for this as it contains a canopy, no sun or rain will directly reach your child’s head.

Kids often get tired when they can’t rest their foot, so there is a footrest as well. 30 lbs of weight can be carried. The price range is very nominal you can easily purchase this stroller.


  • Wheels’ change directions with a single pace.
  • Very lightweight. Cup holder for a parent to hold their cup of coffee or tea.


  • Due to light in weight, if your child is less than 15 lbs then maybe a bit of bumpy ride.

Keeping in mind the above description, we can see that for a less amount of money this could be the best stroller for Disney. Before you make your purchase look out for the weight capacity.

7. Delta Children Umbrella Disney Minnie Stroller Review

Delta Children Umbrella Disney Minnie Stroller

If you have a baby girl who is a diehard fan of Minnie mouse, then this stroller might be the best stroller of Disney for her. It comes along with a footrest and an umbrella on the top which helps your child being away from the rain and the sun in the park.

As it has a very light weight, the tires are designed in a particular way which is swivel front wheels, without any interruptions you can change directions. It would hold up to 30 lbs weight that is almost for a child who is 2-3 years old.

The fun character printed on the stroller assumes the children a lot, and they do not hesitate in sitting in it. The price is low, and you can easily purchase this item for your little ones without even having to save a lot of money.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Sturdy structure. Water resistant material of stroller. Three-point harness for safety. Light in weight.


  • Suitable for only a suitable age group.

The Minnie mouse stroller is a great purchase for your daughter, but it only fits some of the age groups kids. Before you think of buying it, look out for your child’s weight.

8. Disney Umbrella Mickey Stroller with Basket Review

Disney Umbrella Mickey Stroller

Mickey mouse fans don’t have to wait anymore can easily have their stroller in their house within a couple of days. This stroller is red and black which indicated that of mickeys, and it also has a canopy at the top with the ears hanging.

The canopy is a great help for getting rid of the sunny days because that is quite irritating for kids. It is very light in weight you can carry it anywhere you need to do so.  

The smaller size fits in your car and into the store of your holds a child up to 40 lbs which are better than the previous two strollers. The price range of this Mickey stroller is also quite nominal, and it is worth the price because of the features it contains.


  • 3D fold to avoid a lot of space. The cup holder is removable. Not too many bumps. The material is quite good.
  • Comfortable for kids and parents to ride.


  • Vibrant colors, not liked by everyone out there.

If you like vibrant colors and want to carry your child into a Mickey Mouse stroller, then this one is the best stroller for Disney.


Are you still searching for a stroller? Not able to decide so far? According to our opinion, the best stroller for Disney is Disney Umbrella Stroller, My Hunny Stripes. The price is normal. You can simply buy it for your kid who weighs less than 40 lbs.