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Dog Jogging Stroller Reviews

While dogs in stroller seem like a novelty or overindulgence, savvy owners know there’s far more to it: many people get their pets’ stroller out of necessity, such as transporting small or elderly (or injured) dogs who can’t walk very far, or at all. Some get them for the same reason parents buy strollers for their kids: so when they get worn out, the trip doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt. Others love exploring nature or exercising with their dog, but want to hike or run in places their dog can’t comfortably traverse, or for greater distances/at higher speeds than their pet can accomplish.

For many runners, a high-quality jogging stroller that can comfortably and safely bring their pet along is more than a necessity. Our buyer’s guide will look at pet strollers and joggers more in-depth, and assess some popular options, so that you can make your mind easily.

List Of The Top Dog Jogging Stroller – Editor’s Pick:

TOGfit Pet Roadster - Luxury Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer Stroller

Amoroso Pet Jogging Stroller

DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller

What are pet strollers?  Is there a difference between jogging ones and standard models?

As the name suggests, pet strollers are similar to infant and toddler ones—but instead of a seat with a safety harness, pet strollers have an enclosed area (usually surrounded by mesh) with padding, meant for accommodating an animal inside.

​They often have safety leash attachments, so your pet can’t make a break for it when the enclosure is open, and some have storage underneath and a storage tray or cup holder in the handlebars, so owners can take whatever they or their pet might need.

Jogger options, which have sturdier construction and better tires than that of standard models, are designed so you can run while pushing them. All-terrain tires let you push the stroller on grass or dirt trails, so you can get out into nature with our pet in tow.

Who are pet strollers best for, and why should I consider one?

Pet strollers are great for the elderly, physically handicapped, or owners who simply want their dog or other pet to be able to join them on daily errands, run, or nature hikes.  

While many people get them for pets that are too small to keep up, some buy them so their injured or elderly pets of any size can stay close by and still enjoy the trip.

Of course, even if you and your dog are perfectly healthy and in great shape, a pet stroller can come in handy when you need to take your pet somewhere that might compromise their safety or exhaust them.  

Some models double as bike trailers, so you can take them with you on long rides over all kinds of terrain or in trafficked areas.

Are there benefits to owning a dog jogging stroller? Any drawbacks?

There are several advantages to using a pet stroller, and a few downsides, as well.


  • Take one or more pets out on errands, or trips without the hassle of multiple leashes.
  • Transport even very small dogs like puppies or micro-breeds, or animals that don’t respond well to leashes (like cats).
  • Older dogs with arthritis or other injuries can still enjoy nature and quality time with their owner.
  • You can exercise or travel for longer periods of time and at greater distances, without wearing out your dog.
  • All-terrain joggers let you tackle rough terrain that might be hard on your dog’s paws.
  • Strollers can double as portable crates/napping areas when tailgating, traveling, etc.
  • Keep pets safe from more aggressive animals or rowdy children passing by in public. Reduce stress at the vet, in crowds, etc.


  • Require storage and transport; while pet strollers fold up just like child versions, some do not reduce to a small enough size for all homes or vehicles.
  • Jogger models can be more expensive and heavier than standard ones, due to construction.
  • Few models will suit very large dogs.
  • Some dogs get accustomed to riding in the stroller and refuse to walk when prompted, although this is rare and can be corrected with proper training.
  • Most dogs hate being confined, and might try to jump out of or refuse to get into the stroller.

Top 5 Dog Jogging Stroller Reviews

1. ​TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller for Puppy, Senior Dog or Cat Review

For cats or small dogs up to 75 lbs., this small jogger from Pampered Pet is a solid option with a pretty affordable price. The mesh window unzips for easy ins and outs, but keeps your pet safe inside the nylon enclosure while you get your daily run out of the way.

Comes in 4 colors, too, so pet parents can choose whichever suits their—or their furry friend’s—personality.


  • Available in red, blue, green, or pink.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 70.5 lbs.
  • Two cup holders in owners’ tray.
  • Fabric resists water; nylon and breathable mesh windows with high front and side visibility. Unzips lets pet in and out.
  • Storage basket under the carriage; removable.
  • Folds for easy storage and transport.
  • Stroller weight: 24.7 lbs.


  • Not suitable for large dog breeds.
  • Tires are made of plastic, small; not intended for off-road terrain, but suitable for jogging on paved surfaces.

The only deal breaker for this pet jogger is the lack of all-terrain tires: owners will only be able to use it on paved surfaces, so weekend runs through park trails are out. For light jogging or trips around town, though, this model is an affordable, compact option your small pet will love. It’s also great for multiple animals whose total weight is under the maximum (24.7 lbs.), so feel free to take all your pets along for your morning exercise.

2. ​Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry Review

While zipper-open entry is convenient in its own right, there are some people who’d rather not fumble with one to get their pet in and out of the stroller—or they’d like the option of leaving the top open so their pet can feel the wind in their fur!  

This model from Pet Gear opens up on hinges in the middle of its mesh window, so you can do both without a zipper in sight.


  • Available in Midnight River (blue), Forest Green, or Rugged Red.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 75 lbs. Stroller weight: 27 lbs.
  • Tri-wheel design with 12” air-filled tires; comes with air pump for on-the-go flat fixes.
  • Full front view with mesh screen; enclosure opens in a “clam shell” style and can be use open for trained or leashed dogs, or locked shut for worry-free containment.
  • Removable inner liner for easy clean-ups. Elevated paw rest.
  • Front wheel swivels for walking, but can be locked for stability while jogging on straight paths.
  • Owners’ tray with cup holder and key compartment.
  • Large storage basket underneath the carriage.


  • Pricier than some similar models.
  • Drink holder is shallower than most jogging strollers and has trouble holding drinks at higher speeds/on bumpier surfaces.

It might seem the zipper-free enclosure is the best selling point for the Pet Gear jogger, but it’s also an extremely impressive stroller on its own. The 12” air-filled tires are rugged yet responsive, so you can tackle dirt trails, grassy fields, and sidewalks with easy navigation for you and a smoother ride for your pet. Highly recommended recommend this jogger to anyone who loves taking their pet with them out in nature—or at least to the local dog park—and wants or needs an alternative to an old-fashioned leash while they’re out.

3. ​Aosom Elite II Pet and Dog Bicycle Trailer Jogging Stroller with Suspension Review

You don’t have to limit your pup to walk or jogs in their new stroller—bike rides can be another way to get exercise and let your pet enjoy nature right alongside (or rather, behind) you!  

This trailer/jogger combo can be hooked to your bike or used as a regular stroller, and features sturdy bike wheels, generous mesh windows, and a convenient hand-brake.


  • Maximum weight carrying capacity: 88 lbs.
  • Stroller weight: 37 lbs.
  • Includes safety leash.
  • Zipper entry; enclosure features mesh door, mesh sides, and optional rain guard. Adjustable handlebar with hand-brake.
  • Front wheel swivels, but can also lock into place while jogging. 20” bike tires; tri-wheel design.
  • Frame is made of durable steel, yet still lightweight. Stroller doubles as a bike trailer attachment; can be used on its own, however. No tools required to switch between functions.
  • Available in red, white or blue.


  • Does not include a handlebar tray for drinks or phone storage.
  • Fold-able, but retains width (23½ inches), which might not fit in some vehicles.

If you bike, jog, or just want a roomy stroller with rugged durability and a high weight capacity, this adaptable model from Aosom is worth considering.  Priced very fairly for such a solid build and dual-function design, and even includes a safety leash so you can let your dog ride with the windows down on longer trips.

4. ​Amoroso Pet Jogging Stroller Review

The Amoroso jogger is a basic model, but performs very well overall when used on paved surfaces (sorry, nature lovers). Comes at a price most budgets can accommodate, and provides a comfortable mesh-and-polyester enclosure for your small pet—as well as a useful owner’s tray for you!


  • Very much affordable.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 30 lbs. Stroller weight: 12 lbs.
  • Zippered mesh enclosure; canopy-style retraction for open-air use with included safety leash.  
  • Canopy features mesh peek-a-boo window.
  • Undercarriage storage basket, easy-clean polyester and mesh. 6” wheels; plastic.  
  • Front swivels 360 degrees for easy navigation.
  • Owner tray with cup holder.


  • Cup holder is rather shallow for jogging use, but might be fine considering stroller is meant for paved and level paths.
  • Front wheel does not lock for better stability when jogging on straight paths. For use on level, paved surfaces; not suitable for off-road terrain, dirt paths, etc.

For a budget-friendly model, this basic jogger isn’t bad. While truly serious runners will need something sturdier with air-filled tires, light joggers (or those who simply want a good stroller for a low price) will enjoy the Amoroso for their small dog, cat, or other lightweight pet. We recommend this to the people who need a pet stroller as soon as possible, and don’t have the time or means to save up for a more advanced model.

5. ​DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller Review

Owners of larger, heavier pets often have trouble finding a sturdy enough stroller, which is why convertible bike trailers like this one are a great option. The DoggyRide Novel jogger can accommodate pooches up to 110 lbs., yet only weighs 35 lbs. itself.  

The trailer cabin can fold up for easy storage and traveling, and even has a headrest so your dog can enjoy the sights in comfort (or enjoy a nap).


  • Available in Urban Red and Black or Outdoors Green and Grey.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 110 lbs. Stroller weight: 35 lbs.
  • Functions as either a standalone stroller or bike trailer; adaptor required (sold separately). 20” bike tires in the rear; 12” air tire in front with swiveling or locking feature.
  • Aluminum frame is sturdy, but lighter than steel models.
  • Large rear storage pocket with water bottle holder.
  • Rain screens (removable) over side and front mesh screens.
  • Padded paw/headrest in front of the trailer.


  • Out of many budget ranges.

While the price is certainly fair for such a solid and versatile model, it’s still going to be out of reach for some folks. We recommend the DoggyRide Novel to owners with a flexible budget who have larger pets (or two medium-sized ones who won’t mind sharing space), whether they plan on using the bike trailer function or not.


Pets come in various shapes and sizes, and so should their strollers! The best joggers offer breathable comfort for your pet, and easy control for you. Consider the best tires for the kind of terrain you’ll be traversing, your budget, and—of course—what size cabin you’ll need to support your pet’s weight and give them plenty of room to lounge, nap, and enjoy nature with their favorite human.

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