Clean Stroller With Mold

How To Clean a Stroller With Mold

There’s no question that stroller make life style simpler for parents. A stroller can come in handy in anytime. As being aunty of my nephew, I have to look after my nephew often, so I have learned the importance of having a stroller. Not only for new born baby but also for toddlers, especially when you are for any outdoor activity.

For example, if you want to get out for exercise or for a walk and if your kids are very little, strollers empower you to more effectively take strolls at park and pursue your outdoor activities. Some strollers are designed to use as on your activity like jogging stroller. Some are even designed to be used with car seats which is suitable for new-born baby.

Physical develop of a kid is very fast so as time pass, carrying a baby which can be twenty to thirty pounds is not easy. Your hands will be numb after few minutes and you may start getting back pain. Strollers are an awesome way to sooth that weight which implies carrying less and pushing more for guardians.

mold on stroller in garage

So, this is one of the essential baby items that every parent prefers to utilize and this essential baby item needs extra care to make it working for long term. There’s a good chance that you get a dirty stroller in your hand after a daylong outdoor use. A stroller, covered with grime can be hazardous to your baby’s health.

 In case you store your stroller for a certain period of time in a moist range, at that point the fabric of your stroller can create mold stain. It can be truly stressing since you may want as it were got to discover a resolution as before long as conceivable, you may moreover stress approximately your child’s well being, particularly if he is touchy to molds. Generally, a small amount of molds are not dangerous. On the off chance that it develops, in any case, spores of mold can be discharged into air that can be effortlessly inhaled and might cause health issues. So before remove or prevent it we need to have the clear idea about molds.

How Do Strollers Get Mold ?

 Mold is a sort of fungus that develops on plant, wood, food and any organic material in moisture environment where there’s lots of dust and lacking of proper ventilation. The spores that produced by molds can spread by air and it grows fast in its ideal environment. Molds generally comes in green, blue or black color, it varies on different factors. This molds can be harmful for health; it can be allergenic, pathogenic or toxigenic.   

Mold Prevention Techniques:

usually you will get molds on your baby stroller when your baby will ooze or throw up milk or food on stroller and you have to deal with this mess later. It is not easy to deal with mold stains so you should focus on preventing molds rather than removing it. This is how you can prevent molds:

  • Make sure you clean the stroller immediately the moment your baby spills the food, especially when it is liquid or wet food.
  • Make sure to dry the wiped areas because molds heighten in the soggy areas.
  • You can keep it in sunlight sometimes because it kills the spores.
  • You can store it in cool dry place for long time storage.
  • You can also use citronella spray in your storage area as it is anti-fungal.
how to clean a bob stroller

How to remove molds from stroller

You cannot dodge amassing dampness in your stroller over time, since you cannot avoid this mold stains you should know how to remove it once it’s already in your stroller fabric. Apart of preventing molds, completely evacuating mold stains is a challenge for every parent. Here I’m mentioning some easiest way to remove the molds stain, hopefully it’ll work for you.

  • Vinegar, lemon Juice and water solution:

Wet the stained area, use the solution on it, allow this solution on stained area for 1-2 hours and rinse it thoroughly. You can use it on other parts of the stroller to give a brand-new look.

  • Baking soda and water solution:

you can use this solution if your stains are stringent. Take one-quarter spoon of baking soda and mix it with one cup of water. Shake the mixture until the soda dissolve completely.

       Spray it on the mold stain and keep it in the sun to dry. Rinse it well. You can use this solution in every month. It prevents molds to grow up again as well as removing.

  • Baking soda and Vinegar solution:

 They are just incredible for evacuating exceptionally intense form stains. Make a thick creamy paste with this ingredient and apply this on the stained area. Leave it for 15-20 munities. Once the paste dries, scrub the paste.

  • Bleach:  

To remove stubborn stain from your fabric bleach is very popular. Mix it with water, spray it onto the moldy area directly. Scrub the area well and rinse it with water. This is a magical cleansing ingredient; your stroller will look totally new.  


  1. Make sure you don’t touch bleach empty handed, it will damage your skin
  2. Bleach can be harmful for your eyes and if you inhale its gas.
  3. Excessive bleach will damage you stroller fabric as well as its color
  4. Make sure to vanish these cleaning ingredients properly to prevent skin rashes and allergies because some contain harsh chemicals and baby skin are always sensitive
  5. Never utilize the tumble dryer on your stroller fabric, it is best to dry them beneath the sun.


You will get many more solutions on Internet, bus as babies are sensitive, I have tried to give you the best natural solutions; you will get all of these ingredients near your hand. Try to make sure molds cannot attack your stroller but if it’s already done you can use these easy remedies and use it for long time.

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