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Having two young children who belong to varying age group is quite usual. For going out and carry them along, a double stroller will be in first place of your choice. Notwithstanding, a stand up stroller will give your older child a sense of independence as they stand up and ride on the back of the stroller. If you want a stroller with more versatility than a standard double stroller, you will want to find a stand up stroller that has all of the riding options you desire.

Our goal is to make the decision process simple, so we’ve collected the top five options to help you make a buying decision. You will get in touch with all the necessary as well as important information required to decide on one that will become a part of your family, by navigating through this article.

Top 3 Stand Up Stroller On The Market – Editor’s Pick:

Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

10 Steps to choosing your Stand Up Sit Down Stroller

Using a Stand Up Stroller

A stand up stroller is designed for your younger child to ride in the front while the older one stands in the back. The most popular use for this stroller is for strolling around with two kids of different ages, although some models come included with a removable second seat.

Stand up strollers work best on smooth surface such as sidewalks or pavement, but they can also be used on dirt or grass surfaces.

Choosing a Stand Up Stroller

When deciding on which stroller model to buy, things that need to address first are your children’s current weights and how long you intend to use the stroller.

If you have a newborn or small infant, you will want to make sure the stand-up stroller is designed to fit their current weight or can be adapted to fit an infant seat. If you have kids aged between 1 and 2 and plan to keep the stroller for a few years, make sure each seat has a decent weight limit such as 40 or 50 pounds

If convenience and storage are important to you, you can look for models with large storage space or added pockets and trays. If you plan on taking long trips or adventures, it will be important to find a stroller with maximum storage space. Another feature to look for if you value portability is a compact fold for easy storage.

When it comes to comfort, keep your eyes open for padded seats and shoulder straps. Sun shades and reclining seats are also helpful features for your child’s relaxation. Stand up strollers often have padded bench seats in the back so your older child is not uncomfortable when they sit down. Even better, there are some stroller models that have a removable back seat that gives children more comfort when sitting in the back.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Stand Up Stroller?

When you have two kids of different ages, a stand up stroller can provide much needed versatility for your older child to ride on the back if they don’t feel like walking.

Most stand up strollers last much longer than traditional double strollers because they can accommodate children of different ages. Some models are even good for twins or lesser age gaps, giving your children the option whether they want to sit or stand.

Addressing Common Controversy

While stand-up strollers provide plenty of versatility for seating, they are not designed for vigorous activity such as running or hiking on rough trails.

Some models can be easier to maneuver than others which is why you should consider the weight and size of the stroller you are looking to buy. If you don’t want to make your older child stand up all the time while riding, look for a stroller that has a removable seat option.

Top 5 ​Stand Up Sit Down Stroller Reviews

1. ​Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller Review

For parents with kids of different ages, the Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller has a compact size for portability. Measuring at 34.6’’ x 19.7’’ x 13.8’’ and weighing 31.5 pounds, this stroller features a steel frame that is both durable and easy to carry.

Toddlers feel a sense of independence being able to stand up on the back of the stroller while their younger sibling rides in the seat up-front. The stand-on platform comes included with the stroller, so no need to purchase a ride on board separately. If you have an infant or newborn, you will value the universal car seat adapter included with the stroller.

With a 2 year warranty, parents have the added peace of mind that this stroller is designed to last for years. The included universal car seat adapter fits many different brands of infant seats. The extended canopy shade is helpful for blocking the sun or rain while you are out and about with your children.

If you have children that are closer in age, the optional Caboose Rear Seat can be purchased separately for the back bench seat to become a full size reclining seat. Each seat can hold up to 45 pounds, making this an excellent choice for two small children.


  • Universal car seat adapter included
  • Extended canopy
  • 2 year warranty


  • Slightly lower weight carrying capability than comparable models
  • Limited storage space

2. ​Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller Review

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller is a stand up stroller that is light in weight, which makes it easy to maneuver around town. Weighing at only 25 pounds, this stroller has multiple options for 2 children to ride. This is a great option for parents who have two infants and want to travel around easily with both Baby Trend car seats snapped in.

As your kids grow out of the car seat, they can either both sit in the stroller seats or one can stand in the back while the other sits in the front. Each seat will accommodate up to 50 pounds, which is plenty of room for your little ones to grow.

With a swing away child tray and a quick, compact fold, this stroller is full of convenient features for families on the go. The large basket under the seats is helpful for storing diaper bags and other baby gear.

This stroller measures 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches and is very sturdy for a smooth ride. The seats are made of nylon that is easy to clean when your little ones make a mess. If you desire functionality, this stroller will be a great choice for your family travels.


  • Versatile seating choices
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth riding for 2 children


  • Handlebar is not adjustable
  • Limited recline

3. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller Review

If you are in search of a reliable stroller that features the Joovy functionality, the Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller is a great choice for two children. Each seat holds up to 45 pounds, making this a stroller that will grow with your family. If you have a Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, you will be able roam around in a worry-free way with both the kids.

When your smaller child outgrows the infant seat, they can sit in the front seat and bring along their beverage and snacks with the attached child tray. The front seat also features a umbrella shield to keep them protected from the sun.

With plenty of storage underneath the seats, you will be able to bring along the diaper bag and other essential items. Your older child can stand on the back platform or if they get tired, they can sit on the back bench seat. This stroller measures at 25.6 x 23.6 x 46.5 inches and weighs 23.5 pounds for quick portability. For parents who value easy maneuverability, this model features lockable front swivel wheels which makes it easy to turn in crowded areas.


  • Lots of storage space
  • One-handed fold
  • Attached parent and child trays


  • Limited storage option
  • Questionable weight carrying capability

4. ​Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Elixer Review

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double features two full-size stroller seats with the option to remove the rear seat for your child to stand on the back platform. Designed for growing families, this stroller can fit Baby Trend infant seats and children up to 40 pounds in each seat. Two children can sit in the stroller seats, in the car seats or one child can stand in the back while the other sits up front.

When not in use, this 34 pound stroller fold up with one hand, making it easy to store away in your house or vehicle. It measures at 21.5 x 49 x 43 inches with a good amount of storage space in the basket under the seats.

The covered parent tray and child tray makes it easier for the families to bring along snacks and beverages. If you are looking for a stand up stroller with added versatility and extra storage space, you will want to consider this stroller model.


  • Parent and child trays
  • Versatile seating options
  • Ample storage space


  • Lower weight limit than comparable models
  • Slightly heavy

5. Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller, Millennium Orange Review

For parents of two girls, the Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller in Millennium Pink features a black and grey design lined with pink. The shade canopies provide protection from the sun for both passengers and kids will enjoy the comfortable padding.

If your older child prefers to stand, the back seat can easily be removed, giving it the functionality of being both a stand up stroller and double stroller.

With both a child and parent organizer, you will be able to have all of your snacks and beverages within reach. This stroller measures 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches and weighs 34 pounds and will fit children up to 40 pounds in each seat. This stand up stroller has all of the helpful storage and versatility features similar to other Baby Trend strollers along with a design perfect for girls.


  • Girly design
  • Shade for both children
  • Different seating options


  • Only compatible with Baby Trend infant seats
  • Holds only 40 pounds in each seat


Managing two growing children without a stroller is quite impossible these days, especially when you are out of home. If this must have accessory come with some added advantages and comfort for your baby, parenting will be a pleasure. The aforementioned items we enlisted are some of that kind and hope you will get benefited.

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