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Smallest Folding Double Stroller

Double strollers aren’t just for the parents of twins—even if your kids have an age gap of 4 or 5 years between them, a stroller built for two can be indispensable for errands around the town, amusement parks, vacations, and nature walks through the park. Even if the older child likes to walk (or run), double strollers can be a lifesaver when those adorable little legs finally run out of steam, or if nap-time hits before you’re ready to head home.

Of course, twice the capacity means more to haul, and it’s hard enough to fit a single stroller in some cars. Our buyer’s guide will address some typical questions surrounding double strollers, and showcase popular models that will fit both your little ones in comfort—and fit in the back of your vehicle.

#Top 4 Compact Double Stroller – Editor’s Pick:

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

What is a double stroller?  Do I need one?

Double strollers are those that can accommodate two children at once, instead of one like a standard model. They can feature two seats side-by-side, or put children behind one another, either in a level line, or tiered (with one raised slightly above the other). Others have an open/shared style, like convertible bike trailers with handles, and rental models from amusement parks.

Consider purchasing a double stroller if you have twins, or two children close enough in age that both may need to use the stroller at the same time.  

Bonus Tips: Keep in mind that side-by-side versions are sometimes harder to steer, especially if one child is much larger and heavier than the other; you might want a tandem (one seat behind the other) version, instead.

Do all double strollers fold up? What’s the smallest folded size I can get?

With the exception of solid versions (like rentals and bike trailers), yes, almost all double strollers fold up into a more compact size.  

The question of how small comes down to design: tandem models can get as small as a single stroller, while side-by-side ones usually fold in half from top to bottom, but maintains a width of about 30 inches.  

Unfortunately, some manufacturers don’t give the folded measurement of their strollers, so you might have to divide the unfolded numbers based on which way and how many times the model folds.  

Reviews are also helpful for determining how a stroller will fit in certain types of vehicles—as well as how easily certain models handle.

I have an infant and a preschooler. Can one stroller fit both of them?

Yes—although you should be prepared for additional purchases to turn your stroller into a full travel system: one that accommodates a specialized car seat or bassinet, when one or both kids are infants, yet also has seating for older kids to use/to grow with your children.

Some double strollers come with all necessary attachments, or even the compatible car seat or bassinet themselves; the price for these bundles varies, and can be as low as $80 or upwards of $400, depending on the brand. 

It’s rare—though not impossible—for car seats of a different brand to fit in these strollers, so if you already have an infant car seat, you might want to consider strollers from that same company to save money.

What are alternatives there to double strollers?

If even the thought of hauling twice the stroller around makes your back ache, there are other options besides making your older child tough out another mile.  

Many parents keep an umbrella stroller handy in the storage area of their main one, so one parent can push the toddler or preschooler when they get tired while the other pushes the infant stroller.  

Others use a carrier that straps to their body or a fabric sling for the baby when it’s time for the older child to take a break in the stroller.

These aren’t always feasible options either, of course, so you might want to consider a sit-and-stand double stroller design.  

These are basically single strollers that have a place on the back for the older child to stand, and handlebars to keep their balance. Some standing bars are large enough to double as a seat, as well.  

Of course, these aren’t great for rough surfaces,

So skip it and look at double joggers if you need to tackle anything other than paved roads and sidewalks on a regular basis.

Another downside to sit-and-stands: comfort. While your baby will have a padded seat, sun visor, plenty of leg room, and maybe even a snack tray or cup holder, your toddler or preschooler will likely find the standing platform/seat too hard to stay on it for long. If you have an active child who prefers to walk most of the way, this isn’t an issue—but for longer trips or naps on the move, a double stroller might be your only option.

Smallest Double Stroller Review

1. ​Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Tropic Review

For parents of two who need it all—compact storage and easy transport, multi-terrain tires, and snack trays—the Navigator Double Stroller from Baby Trend offers all your needs and wants in one affordable, stylish package. This jogging stroller has an astounding 6 cup holders (two for each child, and two for the parent), as well as built-in speakers in the parents’ tray, so you can listen to music while you jog or walk, but still hear your little ones.


  • Fits 2 children in seats; can also accommodate up to 2 matching car seats, sold separately.
  • Trays for each child; each tray has two cup holders. Two more cup holders in parents’ tray for a total of six.
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs. per child.
  • Height capacity (total, not sitting height): 42”.
  • Parents’ tray also has a covered storage area and mp3 speakers.
  • Easy folding system.
  • Seats are padded for comfort with five-point safety harnesses; seats can recline.
  • Double canopies; each is isolated and moves independently of the other.
  • Pneumatic tires with bicycle-style spokes; good on multiple terrains.
  • Available in Tropic (black and teal) or Vanguard (gray and orange).


  • Difficult to turn corners while jogging due to size, though this could happen with any double jogging stroller.
  • Fairly heavy at 43 lbs., but lightweight for a double stroller (especially a jogging one).

Believe it or not, we think the best part about the Navigator Double isn’t its ample drink storage, nor the speakers built right into the handle area (though we do enjoy those features): it’s the fact this double stroller is designed not as one stroller than can fit two kids, but as two separate units that happen to be pushed by the same person. In other words, this stroller truly feels like two side-by-side ones, so kids won’t argue over space, snacks, or drinks (well, hopefully).

2. ​UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller, Pascal (Grey) Review

This double stroller isn’t ideal for long trips, but might be perfect for quick outings with your two little ones. It’s very lightweight, foldable, and offers just enough storage for errands or days at the park. Designed for use from infancy up to 55 lbs., so it can grow with your kids, recline for naps, and comfortably suit both a newborn and their preschool-aged sibling.


  • Stroller weight: 24.5 lbs., very lightweight for a double stroller. Stands when folded.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 55 lbs.
  • Cup holder attachments included, although users have reported these have difficulty staying on and aren’t very strong.
  • Adjustable seats can recline completely flat for infants (or toddler nap-times) and more upright as the child grows/prefers. Infant support systems included.
  • Seat covers are removable and washable.
  • Sun covers/canopies offer 50 SPF-level protection from UV rays.
  • Footrests are independently adjustable for children with different heights.
  • Available in Pascal grey and silver, Ella jade and silver, and black.


  • More expensive than some parents can afford/would prefer to spend.
  • Does not offer trays.

While it’s not the best double stroller out there, it’s definitely one of the lightest that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for the kids. While the flimsy cup holders are a disappointment, we would still recommend this to parents in need of an easy-to-lift stroller that can fit both kids, even with several years between them. Some users have reported difficulty opening and closing the stroller, so daily use could be a problem; perhaps this model shines best as a travel stroller for vacations, instead.

3. ​Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller, Onyx Review

If a double wide stroller isn’t your thing—or if you live in a crowded city and don’t want a bulky stroller—the Baby Jogger City Select is ideal. Kids sit on a tiered design, so one is elevated behind the other; you can adjust each seat so kids face you, the street, one of each, or each other. Custom kits are also available for prams or bassinets, as well as infant car seats; there are over 16 combinations and arrangements parents can choose from, to suit their family’s unique needs.


  • Tiered design; one child sits behind the other and elevated a little, instead of side-by-side.
  • Stroller weight: 35 lbs.
  • Maximum weight: 45 lbs. per child/seat.
  • Seats have multiple reclining positions, and can be reversed so kids face outwards, inwards, or a combination.
  • Seats are removable; can be used as a single stroller, as well.
  • Adjustable handlebar with hand-operated parking brake.
  • Can also accommodate bassinets/prams and car seats in various combinations (kits sold separately). Note: not intended for jogging; Baby Jogger is the brand name.
  • Available in Onyx (all gray), black and gray, and all black.


  • Out of most budget ranges.
  • No cup holders or trays.
  • Seats must be removed before folding.

Even if your city isn’t crowded (or isn’t a city at all), the City Select is worth considering. Its high price is a definite drawback, of course, but the narrow design and adjustable configurations—along with all-terrain rear tires, adjustable handlebar, and hand-operated brake system—might make it worth every cent of some parents. Besides price, the biggest deal-breaker is the fact both seats have to be removed before you can fold up the stroller.

4. ​Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black Review

As another side-by-side option, the Joovy Scooter double stroller more closely resembles the old two-kid designs: one canopy, no trays, and a single padded bar across the front. While some parents will miss the cutesy prints and designs of other strollers, many will like the simplified black, red, or blue choices that can suit growing families for many years without looking dated or dingy.


  • Stroller weight: 32 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 45 lbs. per child.
  • Large canopy for better sun protection.
  • Ample storage basket underneath; zippered pockets; 2 parent cup holders.
  • Quick-fold design makes stroller lay flat (still at full width, however, like most double strollers).
  • Seats can be reclined independently of each other.
  • Also available in Blueberry or Red.


  • A little pricy, but still affordable.
  • No cup holders or trays. Canopy and removable front bar are shared, rather than independent to each side.
  • Not compatible with car seats or prams; child must be at least 3 months old to use.

This isn’t the most outfitted model at first glance: after all, it’s missing features so common nowadays, from snack trays to child cup holders to shock absorption—but a closer look reveals a solid build with more extras than you’d think, such as parental cup holders and a huge amount of storage. We recommend this to parents whose kids have a history of being rough on strollers, and families that carry lots of gear on the go.


When designed thoughtfully and built well, double strollers can be just as easy to navigate, store, and transport as single ones. There are options available for almost every budget, too, and clever grow-with-your-kids characteristics that help your investment stretch as far as possible. One of the toughest challenges is finding one that can fold to a compact enough size for your vehicle—but thankfully, many companies are recognizing the need for smart-yet-small designs.

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