mockingbird stroller vs uppababy

Mockingbird Stroller vs UPPAbaby

The Mockingbird and UPPAbaby are quite recognizable strollers and comparable in design. While the Mockingbird is a somewhat new entrant in the world of strollers, UPPAbaby is a household name and has been around for a while. Both brands may easily be found in several retail stores.

Here is an in-depth contrast between the two strollers:

A Comparison – Key Notes, Similarities and Differences

This simple comparison will help us make a final verdict about which stroller comes at the top. Let us get started:

Key Features To UPPAbaby VISTA

uppababy vista review

UPPAbaby has manufactured a wide range of stroller of various designs, in the process of being the dominating force of the market. In which VISTA emerged as one of the standout performers of all time.

If there is one thing we like about this stroller, I would like to go with its versatility seating arrangement. Primary one is reversible and recline to six different positions.

uppababy bassinet stroller

Whether you happen to be a parent of a child or blessed with twin, finding something equivalent to it would be difficult. A Rumble Seat is all you need to turn it into a double stroller. Furthermore, in the back, a Piggyback Ride-Along Board can facilitate another older child.

Canopy, made of premium quality fabrics comes with a whole new set of colors. Having a customized stroller, which doesn’t correspond with others, is obvious.

When it comes to ventilation, you can rest easy since Vista offers a superior air circulation. Sun protection is somewhat impressive. Use of unadulterated building materials make all adjustments effortless.

Maneuverability enhanced quite notably for using up to date wheel. Breaking mechanism that is in place is operated by foot. Tap once to activate and tap again to release. Lockable front wheels are armed with indicator to check whether wheels are locked or not.


Varying height of peoples’ isn’t a concern as the telescoping handlebar is adjustable. Also a comfortable touch in hand is due, owing to its leather overlay.

Wide enough storage is capable of holding all essentials you need to carry along and accessible from both sides. Can be folded easily when you are done using it.

If you are not strained with finances just go for it.

Key Features To Mockingbird Single Stroller

Mockingbird Single Stroller

We buy products either for its standout appearance or effectiveness. Meeting a middle ground is an arduous task and not always the case. Which consequently creates a vacuity. Notwithstanding, Mockingbird seizes the window of opportunity quite incredibly.

They emerged as one of the leading stroller manufacturers in a short space of time by storming the market with their groundbreaking designs, which are efficacious as well.

stroller single to double

This single stroller is a paradigmatic instance of that. Wheels are engineered in a way so that it ride smoothly regardless of track. Standard locks are in place in front two, which results pushing through uneven terrain without popping or going flat.

The structure of it made to serve for long. Its width of 26 inches considered as a bit wider, but doesn’t affect its maneuverability, no matter how crowded the surroundings are or tight the corner is.

Fully reclining seat which is high enough to keep your baby close, can be flipped. Most importantly in a quite simple way. Foot rest of various positions also available to make it super comfy.

Canopy comes with eye-catchy color variants, which interior is designed to mesmerize little champs. For improved air circulation a mesh panel included in the back, while a peekaboo window also there to facilitate a quick look.

Adequate storage along with 25lbs of holding capacity is a blast. Effortless folding that can be performed by a single hand, locks automatically and stands back independently.

What’s more could one ask from a stroller of its price tag?

The Similarities

  1. With both brands, you can lock the front wheels.
  2. Both have a reversible stroller seat
  3. Both have a flip-flop friendly foot brake
  4. Both feature a 5-point no-rethread harness
  5. Both are compatible with different types of car seats
  6. Both feature leather on their handlebars and bumper bars
  7. Both brands are free of any toxic chemicals
  8. Both strollers have adjustable handlebars. They only differ in that the Mockingbird handlebar has a more extensive range and features a lower setting. The UPPAbaby handlebar is half an inch taller at the tallest setting

The Differences

  • Which one is cheaper?

The Mockingbird strollers go for around $350. For that price, you get an additional magnetic sunshade.

The UPPAbaby price is almost double that of the Mockingbird. It ranges between $650 and $900, depending on the color you choose. For that price, you get an additional bassinet, rain shield, and a mosquito net.

The Mockingbird double stroller goes for $495 while the UPPAbaby double stroller costs $1,150

uppababy vista
  • Which one has more color options?

The Mockingbird comes in three color options: black, sky blue, and deep sea. They also offer bloom, but that is a limited-edition color.

The UPPAbaby strollers come in 9 different colors: black, dusty pink, deep sea, olive green, white marl, green mélange, blue mélange, charcoal mélange, and knit. As we mentioned earlier, the color that you choose determines how much it is going to cost you.

mockingbird single to double stroller

Even though Mockingbird only offers three color options, they have more design options in the end since you get to choose the frame/leather color and the pattern on the inside of the canopy.

  • Which one has more available accessories?

UPPAbaby has more accessories available for purchase, but these are also more expensive than the Mockingbird options. For example, some of its accessories that stand out include the travel bag, the ride-along board, and the snack tray.

  • Which one has better storage?

The UPPAbaby basket can hold 5 pounds more than the Mockingbird basket. They can hold 30 and 25 pounds, respectively.

  • Which one has a better canopy?

Both strollers feature somewhat standard size canopies that have two windows covered in mesh each. The windows facilitate proper airflow.

The UPPAbaby stroller canopy is expandable to provide extra coverage. While the Mockingbird canopy is not expandable, it is genuinely useful. It features a removable magnetic sunshade that attaches to the canopy to provide full coverage.

  • Which one has better wheels and suspension?

Both strollers have never-flat polyurethane tires. The Mockingbird has 7” front and 9.5” back wheels while the UPPAbaby has 8” front and 11.5” back wheels. Typically, bigger wheels equal a smoother ride.

uppababy four wheel stroller

The UPPAbaby features all-wheel suspension while the Mockingbird has seat suspension. All these are good for a smooth ride.

  • Which one is easier to fold?

To fold both strollers, make sure that the seats are facing forward. Also, they can stand when folded.

The Mockingbird stroller has a single lever in the middle of the handlebar that you squeeze to fold. It means that you can fold it using one hand. The UPPAbaby has two slide release triggers on the sides that you pull up to fold it. It means that you must use both hands.

None of them is hard to fold, but the Mockingbird is much easier to fold.

  • Which is better for newborns?

None of the strollers is appropriate to a newborn straight out of the box. You must buy other accessories separately to make the infant stroller safe. These accessories include a bassinet, an infant seat insert, as well as car seat adapters.

  • Which is better for older kids?

Both strollers may be used until the baby gets to 50 lbs.

  • Which is better for multiple children?

If you purchase and attach a riding board on either stroller, you can use it as a double stroller. The double strollers may also accommodate a third child with appropriate attachments.

The Verdict

Based on our comparison, the Mockingbird seems to have won. Even though there are a few places where it slightly falls short, it has so much to offer at only half the price.  However, each parent needs to put their unique needs into consideration before making a choice.

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