How long can your baby use the Uppababy Bassinet

How Long Can You Use UPPAbaby Bassinet ?

It is fascinating to have a baby and to shop for all the things they will need as well as their clothes and tiny shoes. When your little bundle of joy is on the way, it makes sense to have everything ready before the D-day. However, it can get quite overwhelming for parents when it comes to deciding what furniture to buy for the nursery. 

For starters, you need to know that newborns spend most of their time sleeping. In addition to ensuring that the sleeping space is comfortable, you should also ensure that it is safe.

Bassinets for Babies

Bassinets are small cradles that are very helpful in putting babies to sleep. They are also very beneficial when mothers want to co-sleep and do not want to sleep on the same bed with the baby.

The first few months are very crucial in a baby’s life. The baby sleeps in a bassinet for the first few months due to the constant care and feeding schedule.

uppababy bassinet instructions

UPPAbaby bassinets can be detached using just one hand and move the sleeping baby anywhere. The bassinets are a safe overnight sleeping solution as they create a safe and comfortable resting place for the baby. They feature:

  1. A perforated mattress pads
  2. A vented base that provides breathability
  3. An extendable canopy for additional airflow

When should the baby stop using a bassinet ?

Babies grow at an exponential rate, and before you even know it, your once tiny bundle of joy has outgrown the bassinet. It might be attributed to the growth spurts experienced in the first months. A huge sign that your baby has outgrown the crib is when he/she keeps bumping into the bassinets’ sides and wakes up crying.

Babies can use a bassinet from birth to around six months when they can lift themselves.

If your baby weighs less than 20lbs and still sleeps peacefully in their bassinets, they can keep using it for longer. Here are the main factors that you should consider when deciding whether the baby can continue using the UPPAbaby bassinet:

  • Weight

How much does the baby weigh ? Most bassinets have weight limits.

  • Space

Is your baby looking cramped inside the bassinet ? If yes, then it is time for the baby to stop using the bassinet.

  • Can the baby sit up?

If your baby has started sitting up, you need to move him/her from the bassinet.

Transitioning The Baby From A Bassinet To A Crib

The time comes when the baby outgrows the bassinet, and you must move him/her to a crib. It might affect the baby’s sleeping routine, so being prepared is vital.

uppababy bassinet and stand

Both cribs and bassinets are safe sleeping solutions for babies, but they vary significantly. The most obvious difference is in size. Bassinets are smaller and occupy less space, while cribs are larger and take up more space.

Other differences are in terms of portability, life span, price, ease of use, and weight limits.


Bassinets last about three to six months; however, when the ideal time is to move your baby is entirely up to the parents. No matter how long the baby uses the bassinets, you need to make sure that it meets the set safety standards and that the baby isn’t too heavy to use it – check the manufacturer’s recommended weight. It’s because many parents like to keep their babies in the bassinets for as long as they can.

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