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What Is A Stroller Blanket

Even though the name itself is self-explanatory, most people would still want to know, what a stroller blanket really is. And what difference does it have with other baby blankets. So what is a stroller blanket? Essentially, a stroller blanket is a special kind of cover used to keep the baby warm and comfy when using a stroller. Unlike other stroller accessories like fans, a stroller blankets are classified under items and supplies. They are versatile covers that can be used on the go, on strollers, in the car, nursery and travel cribs among others. There are a range of stroller blankets on the market and finding the perfect one should not be an issue.

Features of a stroller blanket

Prior to picking out a stroller blanket, there are a few specific aspects you need to consider, if you are to find the ideal size and design for your baby. Stroller blankets are much lighter, in comparison with other kinds of baby blankets as they are designed to be used on the go. Some of the considerations with most significance are narrated below;


Stroller blankets come in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your baby. And needs to be a good fit for your stroller; not too big to cover the whole space. As a rule of thumb, 22inches by 30 inches should right about perfect. It’s large enough to cover your baby’s feet yet small enough to be tucked into a cozy pillow.


Quality by far the most significant feature, as the blanket will be in direct contact with the baby. It is recommendable to buy high quality blankets whose fibers do not come off. Cheap qualify fibrous and lint-based blankets may release their fibers and cause suffocation. And can raise health issues for the babies, especially those who are allergic. Make sure you purchase from reputable brands and retailers who can guarantee genuine quality stroller blankets. You can look into user reviews and comments to learn more about the blanket and/or retailer.

Fabric comfort

A good stroller blanket should be warm yet comfortable and soft in touch. Babies love soft feelings and get scared when rough fabrics rub on their skin. By the time you go shopping for a stroller blanket, you should already know what kinds of fabrics your baby is fond of and the kinds they do not like.

Sweat absorption

An attribute that being overlooked frequently owing to the sellers over emphasize on other features as well as our lack of knowledge about it. As a stroller blanket used on the move, it is important to have sweat absorption features to help cool your baby. Anti-soak properties also aid the same and prevent your baby from suffering moisture burns or experiencing too much heat. There are other minor aspects to review before you buy a stroller blanket. The fabric should be safe (without any chemical odors) and easy to clean. It should also be tough/durable.

Personalized stroller blankets

If you are looking for something unique that will distinguish your baby from the rest, you can go for a personalized stroller blanket. From custom-embroidered name to special messages and patterns. Personalized blankets give you the opportunity to contribute to the design and order something unique. You can pick from a range of patterns, pictures and shapes or simply write your child’s name on the blanket. Before you buy any personalized blankets, make sure all the other characteristics meet your requirements and the color used to print is non-reactive. The blanket should feature the above mentioned attributes and depict undisputed quality with regard to safety, comfort and convenience.

What makes a perfect stroller blanket? (Bonus tip)

Now that you understand what stroller blankets are meant for, what attributes distinguish perfect strollers? It is worth noting that what is perfect for another person may not be ideal in your case. Nonetheless, there are several hallmarks of what can be considered a perfect stroller blanket. If it is the right size, fits in your diaper bag, can be used in a car seat, nursery, mom-and-me classes and in your arms, then it is one step closer to perfect. This combined with all the other aspects of comfort and quality should be a good combination of features to seek out when buying a baby stroller blanket.


Hopefully, we have answered the question of what is a stroller blanket and expounded on the features you should consider before buying one for your baby. They come in different prices although cost should be the last thing you review before purchase. Once you have 2-3 offers that meet your unique requirements, compare their prices to gain competitive affordability. More importantly, choose reputable stores to avoid sub-standard quality. Read all user reviews including 1-star ratings to get a good picture from other people’s experiences.

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