Best Umbrella Double Stroller

The primary function of an umbrella double stroller is light weight so that you can carry it around with ease along with being portability so that you can fold and unfold it effortlessly. These strollers are ideal if you travel a lot and look for convenient storage at you living place as well as your vehicle.

However, you need to understand that the double strollers are still quite bulky if compared with the single counterparts. They are designed for the convenience, and they offer you a great storage facility as well. Another important aspect of the umbrella double strollers is that you need to take into account is that they don’t come with much of the accessories and features, for instance, large storage baskets, huge canopies, all terrain wheels and similar other additional features.

Therefore, we have made a list for your convenience to find the best umbrella double stroller that suits your needs.

Top 8 Best Umbrella Double Stroller

1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand  Review

The Sit N Stand Double Stroller from Baby Trend is the umbrella double stroller in which children can sit in the front and the back seat. Moreover, they can stand on the rear platform as well.

If you remove the back seat, a child can stand on the platform. It is equipped with on hand fold feature which is quick in function. The double stroller comes with an additional storage basket as well. In front, there is a child tray with a cup holder that is removable.

The stroller also has a parent tray with a couple of cup holders as well. The Sit N Stand Stroller can accept a pair of infant car seats as well, however; you have to buy them separately.


  • The product has additional storage space.
  • The one handed folding feature works exceptionally.
  • It has a rear platform for a child to stand.
  • It comes with a child tray as well as a parent tray with separate cup holders.


  • You might find the stroller quite bulky.
  • The storage basket that comes with it is small.

Overall the Sit N Stand Double Stroller by Baby trend is a good investment especially if you travel a lot. It offers excellent portability, and you can conveniently move around with your kids in it.

2. Graco Ready2grow Click Connect Review

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX

The Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller by Graco offers a couple of riding options for you two kids. It can comfortably house children weighing 40 lbs. The stroller comes with a 5-point safety system.

The rear seat is removable for face-time interaction with your kid, and there is a 1-hand fold system with the automatic lock as well. The stroller has a large storage basket underneath, and its snack trays offer an additional advantage.

The front swivel wheels ease up mobility during long walks. There is a rear platform for a child to stand and it can hold a weight of up to 50 lbs. It offers exceptional versatility among different strollers of its category.


  • The stroller comes with a rear platform for a child to stand.
  • It also has storage option underneath.
  • The convenience trays are convenient.
  • The stroller comes with 5-point safety harness and a front swivel wheel for long walks.


  • When folded, you might find stroller a bit too long.
  • The handle bar might be too low for tall people.

The stroller by Graco is a good purchase because of it definitely worth its price tag. It is a product that is full of essential features, and Graco has designed it while keeping the convenience of the customer in mind.

3. Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand Review

Graco Roomfor2

Another masterpiece by Graco, the Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand, and Ride Stroller can easily hold a couple of children weighing 50lbs each. The essential characteristics of this umbrella double stroller by Graco are it can house all SnugRide Classic Connect, and Click Connect infant car seats from Graco.  

The rear bench can work both ways if your kid wants to stand or sit. The seat is fully padded for extra protection. Both the seats can recline, and the front seat can recline to a flat position.

The stroller is equipped with a straightforward one handed folding options and also contains a storage latch as well.


  • The stroller also comes with extra storage options as well.
  • There is a rear bench which a child can use for standing.
  • It is fitted with a one-handed folding system for convenient portability.
  • The child and parent trays are added benefits of this stroller.


  • You can recline the front seat to click-in the infant seat.
  • You might find this Graco Stroller ending up on the heavier side.

This Graco umbrella double stroller serves the purpose well because it does not cost much but gets the job done. The material quality used in the making is also worth noticing.

4. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Review

Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

The Navigator Double Jogger Stroller by Baby Trend accommodates a couple of infant car seat side by side. The front wheels have swivel locks, and they come with bicycle tires.

The stroller also contains a very facilitating parent tray with a couple of cup holders as well. It also houses a covered storage compartment, and there are built-in MP3 speakers on board too.

The stroller features an easy trigger folding that collapses directly and makes it ideal for transport and storage. The seats are fully padded, and you can recline them as well making your kids comfortable and cheerful. It can easily hold two children of up to 55 lbs each.


  • The Navigator has front swivel wheel lock with bicycle tires made from pneumatic rubber.
  • It has fully reclining seats that are completely padded.
  • The stroller has the one-hand operable folding technology for easy storage and portability.
  • It also contains a storage basket and built-in MP3 speakers.


  • Despite having bicycle tires, this stroller is not all-terrain.
  • Some of the materials used in the stroller are of inferior quality.

The Navigator has all the essential features that you should look in an umbrella double stroller. However, make sure that you don’t use it as an all-terrain stroller.

5. Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

Another one by Graco, the DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller is very much similar in design as in Graco Ready2grow. This model like the previous one also accommodates all SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats made by the same company, Graco.

Moreover, the umbrella double stroller features one-handed folding technology, and it folds down very quickly. The stroller houses seats that can recline all the way down to flat position and both the seats have their canopies as well along with footrests.

The stroller is also equipped with lockable swivel wheels along with suspensions system. It enables you to maneuver the stroller with ease. The stroller also contains a parent tray with a couple of cup holders have depth and prevent spilling on the go.


  • The DuoGlider has suspensions system with a lockable swivel on front wheels.
  • It also features one handed folding technology to keep its portability simple.
  • You can recline the seats fully to a flat position when the baby wants to rest.
  • Graco has designed this stroller to keep your baby safe on the go.


  • It still is a bulky stroller just like Graco Roomfor2.
  • Some of you might find it difficult to store in a small car.

Overall the product functions very well, and it is conveniently priced too. The only concern with this product is the size when folded; otherwise, the product offers some significant benefits to the user.

6. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Review

Baby Trend Sit and Stand

Another umbrella double stroller by Baby Trend, which allows the children sit in the front and the back seat and they can stand on the rear platform too if the back seat is removed.

So, it is the same feature that is available in the previous model in this list from Baby Trend.  This model packs all the features of the Sit N Stand model, only the design is more refined, and the materials used in this stroller are of better quality as well if you make the comparison with the previous model.


  • The Sit and Stand Stroller comes with an additional storage at the bottom.
  • The stroller is equipped with a rear platform for a child to stand.
  • It’s one handed folding technology that works fine for easy storage.
  • The stroller has a child tray along with a parent tray with individual cup holders.


  • This model is even heavier than the previous one on this list.
  • You might find the storage basket to be small.

Overall the Sit and Stand Stroller by Baby Trend is excellent when it comes to basic specification. The materials used in this products are of better quality, and for this reason, it falls in higher price category as compared to the other model.

7. J is for Jeep Brand Scout Review

J is for Jeep Brand Scout

The Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller is equipped with European-styled canopies which are extendable and also has sun visors. The seats of the stroller are softly padded and also have 5-point safety harness system.

These chairs are made of reflective material so that you can easily see your kids at night plus; you can also recline the seats as much as you want. There is a parent tray at the back of the rear seat.

There is abundant storage available on the stroller, and it is equipped with 5.5-inch wheels that feature front swivel as well as a suspension system. It is a very light weight design and is also slick.


  • It features 5-point safety harness for the protection of your child.
  • There is plenty of storage space available in the stroller.
  • The seats have reflective material so that you can see you kids at night.
  • The stroller also comes with swivel lock and suspensions system to avoid bumps.


  • The height of the stroller is short, and it might be troublesome for the taller people.
  • You got your work cut out with the straps especially in the early days of your purchase.

The product offers ample of storage capacity, and it provides excellent portability as well. The quality materials used in the making ensures that this product will last longer and it also comes at a very affordable price.

8. Chicco Cortina Together Review

Chicco Cortina Together

The Cortina Double Stroller from Chicco comes with matching high-quality infant car seats. The seats can fully recline in the bassinet enclosure or attachment within the car seat.

The forward fold front seats are also exclusively designed for the motor vehicle attachment.  This stroller also comes with the one-handed operable folding system and also has an automatic storage latch. The stroller can easily house two kids of 40 lbs each.


  • You can easily link the infant seats with your car and is very light weight.
  • The seats fully recline to a flat in case you kids want to rest.
  • It also features a storage space at the bottom of the stroller.
  • Its parent tray is very convenient.


  • There is no child tray.
  • The product is not made for rough use.

If you can use this stroller with care, it will last longer than you think. The stroller comes at an affordable price, and it does offer a lot in this range.


From the above, the best umbrella double stroller turns out to be Baby Trend Sit N Stand. You can buy the products at a very affordable cost, and it comes with exceptional features. The products build quality is excellent, and you will feel the difference once you buy one of these for your kids. It does outperform all other brands because of the tremendous amount of value that it creates for the user.