Best Double Jogging Stroller

Are you a parent of two? Then you understand just how important it is for you to take good care of yourself so you can have enough energy to get you through the day. Because taking care of children requires a lot of energy, one of the best things you can do is to make sure you eat well and get plenty of exercise. The fact that getting enough exercise can be difficult when you have young children makes it a good idea for you to find an exercise activity that you truly enjoy.

Jogging is a popular exercise that allows you to get out of the house, which is one of the main reasons why so many parents choose to jog as their form of exercise. Since most parents tend to be at home a lot when they have small children, the opportunity to get out of the house for a few hours can be very appealing. Now it’s easy for you to get your exercise by jogging, as all you need is a double jogging stroller.

What’s the difference between a regular double stroller and a double jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers tend to be studied as the frames are specifically designed to go fast as well as go over heavy terrain. Regular double strollers are more lightweight as they’re designed to allow for easy maneuverability. If you’re planning on using a double jogging stroller as your regular everyday stroller, make sure that the front wheel can swivel and is not fixed.

Are they heavier than regular strollers?

Yes, jogging strollers tend to weigh more than regular everyday strollers, with most weighing between 30 and 39 pounds. This is due to the overall construction that makes it much more durable due to its intended use, like going over bumps and rocks.

How safe are double jogging strollers?

Although double jogging strollers come with many safety features, like 5-point safety harnesses, it’s highly recommended that you check with your pediatrician before taking your children out for the very first time. This is especially importantif they’re under 6 months old, as not all jogging strollers give the neck and back support they need at this young age.

Can I jog anywhere, like rough terrain, dirt and hiking trails?

Yes, jogging strollers are made specifically to go through rough terrain. Many parents like them because it’s so easy to go off the beaten path, allowing for adventure.

Are children comfortable when going so fast?

Jogging strollers are specifically made for jogging, which means they were designed to keep occupants both safe and comfortable.

Some of the top models include additional comfort features, like extra padding and adjustable seats.

Can I only take one child jogging?

Yes, you can. Parents state that they often take only 1 child when using their double jogging stroller and can’t really tell the difference. You can also put something that’s similar to the weight of your child in the 2nd seat, like a diaper bag. If you feel you need more stability.

Can I use my child’s car seat in a jogging stroller?

For the most part no. Some double jogging stroller companies, like Baby Trend, sell car seats that can only be used with their stroller brand.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Depending on the stroller is going to determine how much weight it can hold. Most double strollers allow for anywhere between 75 and 125 pounds of weight to be added safely.

What top features should I look for?

That depends on your goals. For example, if you plan on using your double jogging stroller in crowded places, like the beach or a park, then you’re going to want a stroller that offers you easy maneuverability. If you’re a serious jogger who wants to jog for long periods of time, or enjoys taking the children on hiking trails, then you’ll want a jogging stroller that has great suspension features.

TOP 5 Best Daycare Strollers Reviews

1. Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller Review

Baby Trend Navigator Lite

This double jogger stroller is a good choice for parents who also want to use it when not jogging. The front swivel wheel can be unlocked, which makes it easier to maneuver when walking.

Although there’s no tray for the children, there is a tray where parents can put their belongings, which holds two cups. The large basket underneath has plenty of room for storage.


  • Accepts Baby Trend car seats, making it easy to transfer children from car to stroller
  • Both seats recline for child comfort
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Front swivel wheel locks, easy to push
  • Large storage basket holds everything you need
  • Easy to fold down, put in vehicle


  • No trays for children
  • Only accepts Baby Trend car seats
  • Takes up a lot of space in vehicle
  • Need to inflate tires on a regular basis

2. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Jogger Summit X3

This double jogger stroller has lots of features that make it easy for you to go jogging, like the remote swivel lock located on the handlebar so you can control locking and unlocking the wheels with ease. A great stroller for parents who want to go jogging multiple times every week.

The additional comfort and support given in the seats make this double jogging stroller one that children won’t mind being in for many hours.


  • 5-point safety harness
  • Only takes one step to fold up the stroller
  • Can easily change from jogging to regular stroller
  • Large storage area
  • Hand operated brakes that control the rear wheels, which helps you have control when going over rocks or bumpy terrain
  • Front wheel lock system
  • Sun protection with windows so children can see out; side ventilation gives them plenty of air
  • Seat is padded for comfort


  • Maximum weight is 75 pounds, which includes the weight of everything put into the stroller, i.e. children, diaper bag, purse, lunch
  • No car seat adapter for this model
  • Uses Velcro for closures vs. magnets

3. BOB Ironman Duallie Double Stroller Review

BOB Ironman Duallie

This quality double stroller has been certified as the double jogging stroller for the Ironman Triathlon, which means it includes a suspension system that makes for a super smooth ride.

Because this stroller is built for speed, you can also use it to train for any upcoming running events. The fixed wheel in front is specifically made for speed and stability. And because it’s not as heavy as some of the other double jogging strollers, pushing your children in this stroller is a breeze.


  • 5-point safety harness
  • Fixed front wheel allows for lots of stability, which is very beneficial when it comes to jogging at a higher speed
  • Can handle 100 pounds of total weight in the seats, which doesn’t include additional items like purses and diaper bags
  • Very large storage area
  • Brakes are located on the handlebar for easy access, which is padded for comfort
  • Very large sun canopy that provides lots of protection from the elements


  • Can be hard to control speed when going downhill
  • Although there is plenty of storage space available, it can be difficult to reach when getting your items because it’s positioned under the seats
  • This double stroller isn’t able to maneuver as well as some of the other double jogging strollers (because it’s made for speed vs. everyday use)
  • You’re not able to adjust the handlebar

4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller Review

Baby Trend Expedition Double

This double jogging stroller is very easy to maneuver, a feature all parents enjoy. Because it’s one of the lightest strollers when it comes to weight, it’s super easy to take with you anywhere you need to go. It folds up easily and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the trunk of your vehicle.

The seats can be set straight for sitting, or can be laid all the way back for nap time. The front swivel wheel is lockable, which is a safety feature that jogging parents often look for in a jogging stroller.


  • 5-point safety harness
  • Super easy to maneuver
  • Easy to fold down and store in trunk, doesn’t take up a lot of room
  • The seats recline, which makes for a comfortable ride for children
  • Each seat can hold 50 pounds of weight, so a total of 100 pounds can be in the seats at one time
  • Double action brakes allow for better safety
  • The parent tray includes 2 cup holders and a covered storage, which is perfect for your cell phone or keys


  • No suspension features included, which doesn’t make for a smooth ride
  • Takes 2 hands to fold down, as well as 4 different steps
  • Brakes aren’t easy to use, especially when compared to similar jogging strollers
  • Storage area could be larger and only holds up to 5 pounds of items, which doesn’t allow for a lot when you have 2 children in tow
  • The cup holders aren’t very deep, so larger drinks may fall out when walking or jogging
  • Only has one small canopy that isn’t quite big enough to provide all the shade it should for 2 children

5. BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller Review

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie

This double jogging stroller offers a number of great features that make it easy to use, no matter where you’re going. Some of the many benefits that make this double stroller so attractive is that you’re able to adjust the handlebar and the suspension, making it so that it truly fits your personal needs.

Although it’s easy to fold down this stroller, it does require a few steps to fold it completely down. The seats can be adjusted individually, so each child can choose to sit up or lie down. Besides the storage space underneath the seats, there are also big pockets on the back of each seat for additional storage items, like cell phones, clothes, and even toys.


  • Utilizes the 5-point harness system and safety strap making it extra safe for children
  • This double stroller has amazing maneuverability, and has no problem going over rough terrain
  • Added features, like shock release knobs, make this stroller very easy to use
  • Brake system is very easy to manage
  • Handlebar is completely adjustable, which is great for taller parents
  • Storage allows for one large diaper bag, with a little extra room for additional necessities
  • Each child gets their own canopy, which is made with quality materials and is water resistant


  • Because this double stroller isn’t self-standing it can be difficult when it comes to lifting and/or moving it
  • Hard to manage in tight spaces
  • Has a plastic brake pedal instead of metal
  • Hard to reach storage area underneath the seats
  • Children’s leg rest isn’t adjustable


Depending on your particular needs is going to help determine which of the above double jogger strollers is going to work best for you. Overall, you should expect your jogging stroller to give you the stability you need when you’re jogging at a comfortable speed. And don’t forget to read the instructions, as they’ll contain all of the important information you need to so you can enjoy using your new double jogging stroller for many years to come.

When it comes to overall quality in a double jogging stroller, we have to hand it over to the BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller. This high-quality stroller is one that not only meets the needs of a serious jogger, it’s easy enough to handle so beginners can use, too. It’s a perfect choice when you’re going out for a long jog as it provides an extra smooth suspension system. It also works great for when you want to go hiking, or go down walking paths that are full of bumps and rocks.

The BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller also offers all of the safety features you’d want in a double jogging stroller, like the 5-point harness system and the safety strap. And although the storage area isn’t huge, it’s enough to fit a large diaper bag filled with all the essential necessities.

If you’re currently looking for a double jogging stroller that’s easy and safe to use, and can go just about anywhere you want to go, then it’s definitely worth your while to take a closer look at the BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller.