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How To Collapse UPPAbaby Vista

Traveling with small kids can be quite hectic, especially if you are supposed to catch a flight. You have to ensure that you pack plenty of their clothes, toys, and snack, but you also must make sure that you are on time at the airport. You need to make sure that your baby gets enough rest so that he/she does not have a meltdown or cry all through the journey.

Before and after boarding, you need to figure out how you will carry the baby and all the other stuff you brought. You need to bring your baby’s stroller whenever you travel. It will make things easier for you as you carry everything through the airport, and you will not break your back.

Folding The UPPAbaby Vista

Follow the instructions below to collapse your baby’s stroller:

  1. First, activate the brakes
  2. Make sure you extend the handlebar to the highest position
  3. Ensure that the seat is facing forward
  4. The next step is to recline the seat to the second most upright position
  5. Pull up the two release triggers found on both sides of the frames and push the handlebar towards the ground. The frame begins to fold
  6. Lastly, lock the collapsed stroller in place
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Frequently Asked Questions about Collapsing the Uppababy Vista

Q. Do I need to remove the seat to fold the stroller ?

No. You can fold the stroller without necessarily removing the stroller. It’s best if you ensured that the seat is facing the front and is reclined to the second seat position so that the stroller folds compactly.

If it is a double stroller,

Q. Is it a must for me to activate the brakes?

Yes. The back-wheel brakes need to be

On the other hand, ensure you unlock the front wheel brakes(in clear mode) for the stroller to fold smoothly.

Q. How do I unfold the stroller?

It’s just as simple as folding the stroller. Here are the steps you should follow to unfold the collapses stroller:

  1. Unlock the collapsed stroller
  2. Step on one of the foot pedal on the back wheel
  3. Rotate the handlebar upwards until you hear a click. The click is an indication that the stroller is fully open and locked in place.
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Q. How do I pack the UPPAbaby stroller in the travel bag?

Once you have already folded the stroller,

  1. Remove the back wheels and put them inside the wheel bag. It helps keep the dirty wheels away from the stroller.
  2. Make sure that the axles of the wheels are facing each other and that they poke through each wheel spoke.
  3. Put the stroller inside the bag with the seat facing forward. For directional purposes, look at the directions given on the bag
  4. Always position the handlebar towards the bottom of the travel bag.
  5. Remove the bumper bar and put it inside the pouch inside the bag.
  6. Place the wheel bag on top of the stroller’s seat and finish by closing the bag.

The travel bag is so amazing. It is beneficial in protecting the stroller from damage as well as from getting dirty. When the stroller is sipped up in the travel bag, you can rest assured that it’s going to stay safe and clean. It also makes getting your stroller through checks at the airport very easy. The attached wheels make it simple to roll.

Q. What should I do if I have a hard time folding the UPPAbaby Vista?

If you have any problems folding your UPPAbaby stroller, follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

  1. Check to confirm that the black plastic tab and the silver pin on the left side of the frame are not physically damaged.
  2. Ensure the lower side button of the handlebar can squeeze in, and the handlebar can slide up and down
  3. Simultaneously squeeze the height adjustment button on the handlebar and the black plastic tab. Try pushing the handlebar downwards into the frame. You will notice some form of resistance. Keep pushing the handlebar for about a half an inch further than you should be able to fold the stroller.

For a smoother folding process, make sure that you lubricate your stroller by spraying some lubricant around the middle joints.


The UPPAbaby Vista stroller makes traveling with your baby so much easier. Once you’ve mastered where the levers, buttons, and releases are as well as their functions, it becomes so easy for you to use. The stroller may be pricey, but you can rest easy knowing that you paid for a high-quality product that will serve you many years to come.

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  1. Can the stroller be folded when the seat is facing toward me? He’s too little to face it away and I’m finding I have to take the seat off every time I want to fold. It’s seems like a huge hassle.

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