Best All Terrain Stroller

For parents who want a stroller that can embark on exciting off-road adventures, an all terrain stroller is the way to go. This type of stroller is built to handle rough terrains and can even double as an everyday stroller if you desire. All terrain strollers are durable for rough terrains and can take you to new places that standard stroller models would not be able to handle.

When looking for the best all terrain stroller, it can be cumbersome to find one that will fit your preferences. Instead of searching across the internet, we’ve simplified the buying processing by compiling the top 5 all terrain strollers. We bring you a straight-forward guide to using and purchasing a stroller that will perform on all surfaces and terrains.

Tips on Selecting a Jogging Stroller.

Using an All Terrain Stroller

If you plan on hiking over gravel, dirt or other rough terrains; it is best to use an all terrain stroller because the wheels and suspension are built for off road conditions.

This type of stroller often has a great deal of versatility because it can be used for outdoor exploration as well as everyday strolling. Not all models are designed for running or jogging. If you want an off-road stroller that can handle vigorous activity, make sure the product description or user manual specifically states that the stroller can be used for jogging.

Finding a Model to Fit Your Child

Before considering any convenience features, you should ensure that the all terrain stroller you are looking at will fit your child’s current height and weight. Most models have both a minimum and maximum weight limit, so make sure you know your child’s current size when narrowing down your favorite choices.

If you don’t want something that your child will outgrow quickly, try to look for a stroller with a maximum weight limit that is well above your child’s current weight.

  • For parents of newborns, it can be helpful if the all terrain stroller is adaptable to your infant car seat. Some models have the adapter piece built in while others you will have to purchase it separately.
  • Another option is to buy an all terrain stroller with a seat that fully reclines and can accommodate smaller infants.

What Factors Should I Consider?

When buying an all terrain stroller, you want the model you choose to stand up to the test of off-road cruising and portability. The main factors you should consider include the ease of usemaneuverability and safety. When you are embarking on an adventure with your child, the last thing you want to worry about it a stroller that is difficult to use.

Consider the method of folding and unfolding when it comes to ease of use. Does the stroller open and close with a simple one-handed click or is the operation more complicated? Also, take note of how the seat is adjusted and how the brakes are engaged. 

BONUS TIPS: Hand-operated controls are often the fastest to access especially when they are built into the stroller handlebars.

Maneuverability can depend on the type of suspension and wheels situated on the stroller. Three wheel suspensions with a shock absorbing frame are ideal for rough terrains as they help to minimize the jolts for a smoother ride. Whether the stroller has three or four wheels, keep in mind if the front wheels are locked in place or if they have the option of swiveling around tight turns. If they are locked, the stroller will often be able to move at higher speeds such as for jogging or running. Swiveling front wheels are often more helpful when it comes to navigating through busy areas.

With any stroller purchase, safety should always be an important consideration as you want to make sure your little one is free from harm. A 5-point harness system is great for providing multiple harness connections while your child is in tow. Some models even come with added safety features such as a hand controlled braking system or foot pedal brakes.

If you plan on being out in the sun or other weather conditions, purchasing a stroller with an attached canopy can provide coverage for your little one. Some models even come with a rain cover or an extendable canopy for extra shade. If you like to peak in on your little one while they are riding, a peak-a-boo window on the canopy will be perfect for your needs.

Benefits of Buying an All Terrain Stroller

If you prefer to not have any limitations on where you take your baby in the stroller, you will want a model that is equipped to handle off road terrains. All terrain strollers not only allow you to embark on adventures through a variety of different destinations, but they often have features that promote a smooth riding experience for your child. You will get to spend quality time with your little one while allowing them to see new sights and surroundings.

All terrain strollers are built for both everyday stroller and outdoor exploration, making it a great travel solution to spend more time being active when the weather permits. This type of stroller often features a sporty look and some models can even be used for jogging or running with your child in tow. The safety features are generally much more advanced than standard strollers which gives parents added piece of mind while pushing the all terrain stroller.

TOP 5 ​Best All Terrain Strollers Reviews

1. ​Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger, Elixer Review

Expedition LX Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger features all-terrain bicycle tires that make this stroller great for maneuvering around on grass, dirt, beaches and other off-road terrains. The three-wheeled stroller is designed for ease of use with a lockable front wheel that can be quickly released to swivel around turns and obstacles.

Parents who want to keep their phone close-by without worrying about the weather will like the covered compartment in the parent tray. Both the kid and parent have access to their own two cup holders in this 47 x 22 x 41 inch stroller. It is packed with the level of convenience that many parents desire when embarking on outdoor expeditions with their child.

Your little one will stay protected from the wind, rain and sun while riding outdoors as the canopy includes a sun visor and can be adjusted to form an enclosed sunroof. The padded seat of the all terrain stroller can recline to multiple positions for your child to relax while enjoying the scenery.

With a 5-point safety harness, attached reflectors and tether strap, this model is fully equipped for a safety riding experience. It is JPMA certified and recommended for children 6 months and older weighing up to 50 pounds. Weighing at 30.2 pounds, the stroller folds up with a simple trigger motion which makes it quick to put into your vehicle when the adventures are done for the day.


  • Enhanced safety features
  • Lockable front swivel wheel
  • Adjustable sun shade


  • Not designed for newborns
  • Heavier than comparable models

2. ​Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, Fuchsia Review

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller is themed perfectly for a little girl with it’s cute pink and black design. This model is extremely lightweight weighing at only 12 pounds and measuring 18 x 12 x 34 inches. This stroller is designed to be a rugged companion for your outdoor travels.

The four all terrain wheels are shock absorbing which makes it more comfortable for your child when traveling over rocks or bumps. For times when your child is snoozing while outdoors, the canopy cover has three tiers to provide extended coverage from the sun. Your child won’t mind the summer heat when they have plenty of shade to protect their sensitive eyes.

For cleaning, the child and parent trays can be removed with a simple click. This also makes it easy to load your child in and out of the multi position reclining seat.  The organizer trays also make sure that you and your child’s snacks and beverages are never out of reach.

The shoulder straps will keep the passenger secure with it’s 5-point safety restraint system. With a minimum weight of 4 pounds and maximum of 50, this all terrain stroller is great for use from the first newborn days to several years of age. Little girls are naturally attracted to the stylish design that is both sporty and bold. Take your daughter to the beach, trails or virtually any destination with this stroller model.


  • Adorable design
  • Shock absorbing wheels
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Small organization trays
  • No extra padding

3. ​Inglesina Quad Stroller, Artic Review

​Inglesina Quad Stroller

The Inglesina Quad Stroller features a modern look that is designed for the roughest terrains. Imported from Italy, this all terrain stroller features a quick one-handed opening and closing folding mechanism.

It weighs 26.4 pounds and is much sturdier than comparable strollers with large ball bearing wheels that glide over bumps with ease. You can choose whether you want your child to face you or face the outside world as you embark on your journeys together. The seat reverses and has 4 different reclining positions ranging from a full recline to completely upright.

This stroller can fit newborns with the stroller seat fully reclined or can be adapted to Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cyber infant car seats. With high quality fabrics, your little one will be able to ride in extreme comfort. If you want a stroller that comes with accessories included, this model comes with a winter foot muff, foldaway hood and rain cover.

You can stroll off road during any season and be assured that your child is safe and protected. Safety will never take a backseat with this sophisticated model that is highly rated for it’s secure harness and convenient braking system. This 38.5 x 24 x 43 inch stroller adheres to all of the latest safety standards and is has an innovative shape to set it apart from standard all terrain strollers.


  • Quick fold
  • Soft cushioned seat
  • Innovative Italian design


  • Wide frame
  • Limited storage space.

4. ​RECARO Performance Denali Stroller, Royal Review

RECARO Performance Denali

If you are in search of a stylish all terrain stroller, the RECARO Performance Denali Stroller has a chic look along with a luxurious fabric seat. With attractive chrome accents and 7 different color options, you choose a stroller that fits your color preferences.

Weighing at 25 pounds and measuring 30.2 x 19 x 10.5 inches, this stroller will provide a smooth ride for you and your child’s outdoor expeditions. The child’s tray doubles as an adapter for a performance coupe infant seat. If you own the RECARO infant seat or plan on buying one separately, it easily attaches to the all terrain stroller to form a modern travel system for your little one.

The RECARO fits children between 5 and 50 pounds, making it great for infants and toddlers alike. It folds up easily with one handed for parents who like to be on the go. The two front wheels are smaller to make this model easy to maneuver on any rough terrain.

The four wheel suspension handles turns with ease which makes it great for exploring the wilderness. It provides a smooth ride even when rolling over large bumps or hills. If you expect high performance from an all terrain stroller, this is a great choice for you and your little one to ride.


  • High performance
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Luminous color options


  • Only compatible with one type of infant seat
  • No built-in pockets

5. ​Mountain Buggy Swift Compact Stroller, Gold Review

Mountain Buggy Swift

For parents who want an all terrain stroller that is equipped for mountainous cruising, the Mountain Buggy Swift Compact Stroller is an ideal fit.  This lightweight stroller weighs only 20 pounds and measures 28 x 23 x 12 inches. You can climb up and down inclines while maintaining control as this stroller features a hand braking system.

With a 3-wheel suspension, it is easy to pop up and maneuver around obstacles. If you want to customize your comfort while pushing, you can adjust the ergonomic handle to multiple different angles. Parents who value their personal comfort as well as their child’s will find that this stroller is a dream for mountainous travels.

This stroller is a dream for parents who hate scrubbing stroller seats, as the reversible seat liner can be removed for machine washing. For children with different comfort needs, the seat can recline to lay flat or sit upright for your little one to enjoy the scenery. The frame is built from high-quality aluminum for maximum strength while riding outdoors.

The stroller can adapt to multiple different infant seats including the Graco Click Connect, Chicco Keyfit 30, Maxi Cosi Mico and more. It holds up to 40 pounds and is great for parents who want to experience the full off road adventure.


  • Hand braking for maximum control
  • 3-wheel suspension
  • Durable frame


  • Lower weight limit
  • Air filled tires.


The ultimate winner when it comes to navigating different types of terrains is the  Mountain Buggy Swift Compact Stroller. Not only can it handle any rough terrain but is great for rolling up and down steep inclines. You can take your family explorations to an entirely new level with the hand braking system that helps control the speed of the stroller. Enhanced safety and maneuverability provide a secure riding experience for children. Parents even have added comfort with the ergonomic, adjustable handlebars. This stroller is the complete package when it comes to off road riding.