The Best Pet Stroller

Pet strollers can be a touchy subject; some people just don’t understand them, or think they’re unnecessary and another way to “spoil” our pets (not that there’s anything wrong with that, either).  

For many pets and their owners, however, a stroller isn’t just a silly luxury—it’s a necessity.  Small dogs can get easily lost or frightened; cats love the outdoors, but despise leashes (usually), and older or injured pets just can’t keep up like they used to.  All of these reasons and more are why many owners are investing in strollers for their pets.

This buyer’s guide will answer common questions owners might have before buying, and judge some popular pet strollers to start your search.

What size stroller do I need?  How do I know my dog will fit comfortably in a particular model?

Firs​​​​t, determine your pet’s weight.  If you plan on pushing more than one pet at once, combine their weights.  This number will be your starting point; you can rule out any strollers with a maximum capacity that can’t accommodate your pet(s).

Next, you have to consider a stroller’s dimensions.  Some dogs, like greyhounds, can have a light enough weight to fit in a stroller, but longer limbs and a larger build that would make things too cramped for their liking.  The easiest way to tell if a stroller will fit your pup comfortably is to fold a towel or blanket to the width and length dimensions that a manufacturer or seller gives for their stroller’s carriage.  Have your dog lie down on the towel; if any part of them sticks out, the stroller will be too small.

Finally, test height.  Measure your dog sitting and lying down, from floor to the tops of his or her ears, and compare it to the carriage height given by a seller in the product description.

Should I get a regular stroller, or a jogging one?

Jogging strollers are usually more expensive than standard pet strollers, but it’s for a reason: these have better tires (air-filled bike or all-terrain versions, instead of EVA plastic) for navigating dirt trails or grass, and better control at higher speeds.  They’re meant for runners, and are built accordingly.

Standard strollers, on the other hand, are meant for leisurely walks on paved surfaces.  They’re cheaper and lighter, and can have roomier carriages, too.  

Keep in mind that you can use a jogger for regular use, but you can’t use a standard stroller to jog or go off-road—so even if you aren’t a runner, but love camping and want to take your dog on trails with you, a jogger could still be the way to go.

I want to use my stroller as a pet carrier for the car on occasion.  Can a stroller accommodate this?

Yes, but you’ll need a model that specifically state its carriage is detachable from the frame to do so.  

While none of the models in this buyer’s guide double as standalone carriers, you can find “all-in-one” strollers for smaller dogs that have carriers and car seats which clip into a lightweight umbrella-style frame; larger dogs, however, will usually require separate carriers and strollers.

TOP 5 Best Pet Stroller Reviews

1. OxGord Pet Stroller Easy Walk Folding Carriage Review

OxGord Pet Stroller Easy Walk

The OxGord Easy Walk offers a simplified design that handles well, but doesn’t sacrifice the comforts of more elaborate or expensive strollers: you still get generous meshscreens and a roomy carriage for your small to medium pet, storage underneath the stroller, and dual cup holders in the owners’ tray for yourself!  This model is also available in a tri-wheel design, as well as six eye-catching color variations.


  • Maximum weight capacity: 30 lbs. Stroller weight: 13 lbs. Folds for convenient travel and easier storage. Quad (four wheel) design with swivelling double front tires. Owners’ tray with two cup holders and storage; storage basket under carriage as well. Mesh screens in top and bottom of enclosure, so your pet can enjoy the view sitting or lying down.  Zipper entry with retractable canopy for open-air use. Includes safety leash to keep pet contained when top is open. Very affordable.
  • Also available in a 3-wheeled design, as well as six colors: navy blue, lavender purple, onyx black, plaid blue, rose wine, and scarlet red.


  • Four-wheel model might be harder to navigate in crowds or around corners; three-wheel model should navigate more easily, although its front “juts out” just a bit more.

We recommend the OxGord Easy Walk to owners of small or medium pets, and those looking for a lightweight, no-fuss stroller that will make daily strolls a breeze.  It’s also great for frequent travelers, but buyers with very tight quarters should be area it only folds in half on its horizontal axis—not in on itself like an umbrella model.

2. ​VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller, Multiple Colors Review

​VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller

As another back-to-basics model, the VIVO boasts a tri-wheel design for easier turns and suprerior handling compared to four-wheeled models, which are best for casual strolls in straight or open areas.  

Owners will be pleased with the cup holders and tray for them, as well as the double safety leash system inside the stroller for their pets—which means you can bring along a friend for Fido, too.


  • Maximum weight capacity: 30 lbs. Stroller weight: 12 lbs. Rear entry for easy loading and unloading. Enclosure features several mesh windows and zipper access points. Foldable (folds in half horizontally; retains width). Tri-wheel design allows for easier navigation and better control, especially in tight stores, thick crowds, or around corners. Two safety leash systems inside carriage. Dual cup holders and storage in owners’ tray; storage basket under stroller. Affordable.
  • Available in black, purple, or pink with white polka dots.


  • Other than the fixed handle, we can’t find much not to love about the VIVO.  It comes at an extremely affordable price overall, and three color options to suit your tastes.  We especially like the double safety leash system, so owners can take more than one pet with them on their daily walks (assuming, of course, your pets don’t mind sharing their new wheels).
  • Handle has a fixed height; cannot be adjusted for taller/shorter owners.

3. ​HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy-Duty Pet Stroller Review

HPZ Pet Rover Premium

The Pet Rover from HPZ looks bulky at first glance, but it’s actually not much bigger than most models; it’s just designed differently, and those differences are with good reason.  This stroller can be converted to suit small, medium, or some large pets comfortably, and has a durable aluminum frame that’s up to the task.


  • Available in red or blue.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 75 lbs. Stroller weight: 26 lbs. Convertible design allows for comfortable seating for small, medium, or large pets; comes with two safety leashes. UV-resistant mesh screens; more durable than standard rubber, especially for animals that claw or chew on occasion. Under-carriage storage, three rear accessory bags, cup holder.  Also includes two seating pads for pet comfort. Collapses for easier storage and transport (does not fold; collapses inward and retains height and width, but not depth/length). Suspension in front wheels reduces bumpiness and vibration. 3 years wheel replacement warranty.


  • Heavier than other models.
  • Does not fold as compactly as some vehicles’ or storage options would require.

Large dogs can ride in style too, thanks to this smart design from HPZ.  While it would be nice if the Pet Rover could fold to a smaller size instead of simply collapsing into its frame, it’s still a small enough design to work for some people, as is the heavier-than-average stroller weight of 26 lbs.  We love the convertible nature of the carriage, which can accommodate one or two small pets, or one medium or large one with ease.

4. ​Pet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs Review

Pet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller

It can be a challenge to find a stroller with a high enough weight capacity and roomy cabin for your larger dog, and even more so to find one they can get in and out of without hurting themselves (or you straining your back).  

This impressive option from Pet Gear solves both issues at once, with a generously-sized stroller that’s low to the ground and easy for your pet to enter and exit on their own.  Fair warning, though: to achieve this design, it sacrifices the under-carriage storage and owners’ tray some buyers simply can’t do without.


  • Available in black and pink or black and blue.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 lbs. Stroller weight: 26 lbs. Carriage is made of durable nylon and mesh, and can fit small, medium, or large pets up to 100 lbs. Waterproof liner for carriage floor; removable. Carriage is made of durable nylon and mesh, and can fit small, medium, or large pets up to 100 lbs.  Rides lower to the ground than other models, for easier entry/exits; a must for large and older dogs who have trouble jumping. Shock absorbers help make the ride smoother and reduce vibrations from the road. Rear brakes; 9.5” front and 11.5” rear plastic EVA tires can never get flat and never require inflating. Folds in on itself to a much more compact size. Ergonomic handle for owner comfort; handlebar is adjustable.


  • Does not include owners’ tray, cup holders, or storage.
  • Pricier than some would prefer, but still a fair price for a larger stroller such as this.

If you don’t mind giving up storage and your cup holders, this low and sturdy option from Pet Gear is ideal.  It folds to a surprisingly compact design that can fit in almost any vehicle’s trunk or backseat, and is still reasonably lightweight at 26 lbs.  With a maximum weight of 100 lbs. and low point of entry, we see this being a must-have for owners of large and/or elderly pets, who could benefit greatly from a walk-free stroll around the neighborhood, campgrounds, or city now and then.

5. ​OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller Review

OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller

The OxGord Pet Twin Double stroller is a slightly roomier model that will comfortably accommodate two pets, up to 55 lbs. total.  

For owners with multiple animals, a double stroller at an affordable price is a must—and on that front, the OxGord Twin delivers…as long as your pets are on the smaller side.


  • Cup holder for owner.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 55 lbs.  Roomy enough for two pets whose total weight is under the capacity. Stroller weight: 23.8 lbs. Durable but light aluminum frame with adjustable handlebar. Storage basket underneath. Foldable for easier transport. Mesh and nylon enclosure with zippered entry.


  • No owner’s tray, though handlebars do have a cup holder.
  • Roomy enough for two small pets or one medium-sized breed, but not exactly a “double stroller” any more so than models with comparable weight limits.

While we think this option is a solid one in terms of design, function, and price, we aren’t quite convinced it’s a true “double” stroller: sure, it can fit two pets, but the weight limit isn’t much better than other models out there (which can also fit two small animals, but just aren’t labeled as double strollers).  That said, OxGord doesn’t needlessly mark their price up on this one, either, so it’s still a great choice for small to medium pets.


Strollers for small, injured, aging, or excitable pets can be a lifesaver; they come in handy for vet visits and daily walks or errands, and are indispensible for some owners, who don’t have the mobility themselves to hold their dog’s leash or track them down if they get loose.  For many, it’s simply a matter of convenience and safety, the same reason infant and toddler strollers exist, too.

There is no definitive “best” pet stroller out there, because every pet (and owner) is different.   The best stroller for you and your dog or cat is the one that fits them comfortably and doesn’t break your budget, can fit in your home or vehicle, and encourages both of you to get out and explore with as little hassle as possible.