Best Large Stroller

It would seem, in the stroller industry, that smaller is better—and sometimes, such as in the case of city commuting, that’s true.  But plenty of parents want their kids to have cushy, roomy seats for longer trips, and need the features like extra storage or full-reclining seats that only larger models can provide.  

​Our buyer’s guide will evaluate some of the most frequently purchased large strollers, and help anyone on the fence about buying.

What are the benefits of a large or standard stroller over a compact or umbrella option?

Larger strollers tend to have more extras and convenient add-ons, and feel more comfortable to the child and parents—especially on longer trips:

  • Wider, roomier seat.
  • Extra padding compared to smaller models.
  • More reclining options, including flat or nearly-flat for naps.
  • big enough for the main seat (note: many lightweight, compact options can do this, too).
  • Potentially higher weight and height limits for longer use.
  • More storage underneath stroller; sometimes include pockets on back of seat.
  • Snack trays and parent trays with cup holders are more standard on larger strollers.
  • Telescope handlebars that adjust to parents’ heights.
  • Larger sun canopies and visors.

Often have tires that can better handle uneven terrain; some have built-in suspension, as well.

Who shouldn’t get a large stroller?

Consider a lightweight, more compact option if you:

  • Have limited storage space in your home and/or vehicle.
  • Live in a crowded city.
  • Have to use buses, trains, or planes frequently.
  • Have difficulty lifting 20 lbs. or more.
  • Plan to wear their baby in a sling or carrier for a while; delaying a stroller purchase or making due with a small one as-needed might be best until you can determine what kind will best suit your needs.
  • Have more than one child who needs to use the stroller, and would do better with a double option instead of a large single one.
  • Are on a very tight budget; umbrella strollers, while not ideal for comfort and storage, are $10-50 and much more affordable for some families.

What special features should I look for in a large stroller?

This depends on what you need the stroller for, how often you’ll use it, how many kids you have, and their ages/heights and weights.

One valuable option to have with a large stroller is ample storage to fit the mountain of stuff kids seem to require (and maybe even some shopping bags when your arms get tired).  Cup holders and snack trays are a must for some parents, while others are fine sacrificing storage if it means their kids can both fit comfortably on one stroller.

You should also consider what terrain you’ll be traversing.  If you need a large stroller you can take on hikes or jogs, you’ll likely need to pay extra for models with specialized tires and suspension.  For long amusement park trips, though, you can get by with even solid plastic tires (although air-filled ones make it much easier to push).

Think about how much weight you can easily lift, and how small the stroller will have to fold to fit in your home or car for storage and transport.

Finally, look at luxuries you might find useful (if your budget allows): leather accents, designer labels, and even built-in speakers and phone chargers.  Of course, if you don’t feel like paying a premium—but still want a luxurious-feeling stroller—options like handbrakes and phone holders are still pretty cool, but cost a lot less.

TOP 5 Best Large Stroller Reviews

1. ​Phil&ted’s Promenade Buggy Single Stroller, Black Review

Phil&ted’s Promenade Buggy

Big in size, style, and function, the Promenade Buggy is designed to grow with your child: with adjustments and proper adapters, you can use its bassinet function and flat recline when your baby is a newborn, his or her car seat when they’re a little older, and the standard seat when they enter their toddler years.  Despite its large measurements, its telescope handle flows seamlessly with the frame and makes steering very easy.


  • Quad-wheel design for added stability; long handlebar is integrated with body for easy steering, even with wider wheelbase.
  • Roomier padded seat so child can stay comfortably seated for longer trips.
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Can be reconfigured so child faces outwards towards street, or inwards to face parent.
  • Seat features three recline positions, including completely flat for naps.
  • Extendable canopy with zipper extension.
  • Removable swing-away bumper bar.
  • Suitable for children up to 40 lbs.
  • Storage basket can hold up to 11 lbs.
  • Compatible with various car seats from different brands (adapters sold separately).


  • Out of most budget ranges.
  • Does not include child’s snack tray or cup holders; no parents’ tray or cup holder, either.

A common complaint about big strollers is how hard they can be to navigate, especially when turns are tight and crowds get thick.  The Promenade Buggy’s design solves this problem, however, and gives parents greater control over the structure—and kids more room to relax, no matter how long that trip to the grocery store ends up lasting.

2. ​Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller, Gotham Review

Graco Roomfor2

For parents of two, the fight over the stroller can be a daily headache—but sometimes, a double stroller is too large.  Sit-and-stand models are a great alternative, especially if your older kid hops in and out frequently, or spends a good portion of every trip walking, anyway, and just uses the stroller occasionally.


  • Accommodates two children (up to 50 lbs. each); one sits in seat while other can stand—or sit—on the padded footrest attached to back, between handlebar and main seat.  5-point harness for main seat when child is young; converts to 3-point harness as they grow.  Standing/sitting platform also features a 3-point harness.
  • Gender-neutral all-black design hides dirt well.
  • Parents’ tray with storage and two cup holders.
  • Adjustable, padded handlebar.
  • Separate handles for standing child.
  • Seat reclines in multiple positions including a full/flat recline.
  • One-hand fold function for easy storage and transport.
  • Front seat features canopy and snack tray with cup holder.
  • Mesh storage basket underneath stroller.
  • Front wheels swivel and have suspension for smoother rides over uneven surfaces.
  • Very affordable.


  • When using the infant car seat attachment function, there is very little room for the older child to use the platform (main seat must be fully reclined to snap in compatible car seat).

3. ​Chicco Bravo LE Stroller, Black/Grey Review

Chicco Bravo LE Stroller

For the ultimate in style, the Chicco Brave LE is an easy choice—provided, of course, it fits your budget.  We recommend this to parents who want a gender-neutral stroller that won’t show dirt, is crafted with fine detail in mind, and boasts plenty of storage for both baby and parent.  

We love the generous padding—which will mitigate fussiness and squirming—as well as the zipper feature in the parents’ tray: all too often, the “storage” available to parents is shallow and open, which makes it good for storing…well, almost nothing.


  • Quad (four wheels); front wheels pivot; all wheels have built-in suspension to handle bumpy surfaces.
  • Large storage basket, as well as a parents’ tray with zippered storage compartment and two cup holders.
  •  Seat reclines into multiple positions for child’s comfort.
  • Easy to fold and carry with one hand, thanks to specially designed handle in seat.
  • Seat is removable for use with the compatible travel system/car seat (sold separately).
  • Removable child snack tray with two cup holders.
  • Canopy with three segments and additional visor.
  • Fits kids up to 50 lbs.  Stroller weight: 23 lbs.


  • Out of some budget ranges.

There’s nothing wrong with forgoing the neon-brights or Easter-pastels of most kids’ gear: parents like looking stylish, too, even while pushing a buggy down the sidewalk!  Chicco seems to know this, and has offered the Bravo LE to fill the demand.  Not only does it look good, but it handles brilliantly for a large stroller—and makes excellent use of its space with a generous canopy, roomy and ultra-soft seat, and enough storage to fit even the bulkiest of diaper bags.  Other than its price (which is still fair for a stroller, but not budget-friendly enough for everyone), we recommend this model to any parent in need of a stroller that rides smoothly and looks even smoother.

4. ​Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller, Sapphire Blue Review

Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller

Graco is the only brand some parents will trust when it comes to transporting their precious bundles, and while we think there are lots of other great companies out there, we can’t disagree that Graco’s an industry frontrunner.  

Bottom line: the company knows their stuff.  They design strollers for comfort, convenience, and practicality, and at prices too good to pass up.


  • Lightweight; 18.9 lbs.  Weight capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Multiple positions for seat recline.
  • One-handed fold with carrying strap for easy storage and transport.
  • Can be used as a travel system (car seat sold separately).
  •  Front wheels have suspension for smoother ride.
  • Trays with cup holders for both parent and child; large storage basket underneath stroller.
  • Also available in Chili Red or Fern Green; most of design is a neutral black.


  • Despite suspension, tires are not suitable for terrains other than smooth, paved surfaces with occasional bumps (such as cobblestone/brick paths).

Graco is all about giving parents the most bang for their buck—their designs are playful, yet pretty gender-neutral overall, so you can easily pass strollers, car seats, and more down to younger siblings.  What’s more, their strollers and travel systems ensure a “grow with me” design, so your child can use the same stroller from infancy to kindergarten, if you like.  We’re a little baffled as to how Graco can offer such durable and timeless (yet current) designs for low prices like this…but we’re glad they do it!

5. ​Quinny Buzz Xtra 2.0 Stroller in Rocking Black Review

Quinny Buzz Xtra 2.0 Stroller

For a stroller that handles great on the sidewalk, asphalt, and dirt paths—all in the same day, if need be—the Quinny Buzz Xtra comes at a great price, looks as stylish as any pavement-only fashion pram, and comes loaded with features that make it every bit as practical as it is rugged.  

We’re particularly fond of its four never-flat tires, which are in a triangle configuration to make tight turns easier than with most large strollers.


  • Stroller weight: 27 lbs.  Maximum weight capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Folds and unfolds very easily.
  • Four wheels in a tri-wheel design for easy steering and control.
  • Extra padded seat is reversible so child can look at parent, or observe passersby on the street ahead.
  • Compatible with car seats and carriers from Quinny Tukk and Maxi-Cosi (adapters included in purchase; attachments are not).
  • Foam-filled tires can’t get flats or lose air; best on level, smooth pavement, but suitable for multiple terrain types.
  • Available in Rocking Black, Gravel Grey, Scratch Blue, and Rumor Red.


  • Pricier; not suitable for most budgets.

We recommend the Quinny Buzz Xtra to families who love escaping to nature—or, at least, grassy fields and local park trails—though it functions very well as a standard, daily-use stroller, too.  The price might be too steep for some, but others will find it very fair for a large, all-terrain stroller that works with their lifestyle and grows with their child.


While smallest is best for some parents, many recognize the benefits and even necessity of larger versions: kids get more comfortable seating, parents get more storage, and both get a better day out than cramped, compact options can provide.  Quality large strollers will navigate easily, without sacrificing the sturdy construction and storage you need.