Best Daycare Strollers

If you own a daycare or take care of multiple children, a daycare stroller is a must-have piece of equipment for your travel needs. Depending on the number of children you watch, there are multiple different sizes of strollers that fit varying weights of children. This type of stroller will make it easier to tote around 3, 4 or even 6 kids while you are running errands or taking the kids for a fun adventure.

With so many options available, it can be tricky to figure out what factors to consider when buying a daycare stroller. We’ve created an insightful guide to simplify the buying process and help you decide on a model that will fit your needs as a caregiver. We will introduce you to the top 5 picks along with all of the information you need to know about purchasing this type of stroller.

Choosing the Right Size Daycare Stroller

When you are in search of a stroller for your daycare, it is important that you choose a model that accommodates the number of children that will need to ride.

If you only take care of a few small children and don’t plan to take on any more, a daycare with three seats should be sufficient for your needs. If you have a larger daycare or have plans to expand, a quad stroller or even a stroller that accommodates 6 children may be a better choice. Be sure to take note of the seat weight limits when making your final decision as you will want to make sure each child will be able to safely ride. 

Finally, when it comes to portability and travel, make sure that you are comfortable with the size and weight of the daycare stroller you are purchasing.

Your needs as a caregiver may be subject to change, so it won’t hurt to buy a model with more room than less. For example, if you only watch a few small children now, you will still want to account for the fact that children grow pretty quickly and you won’t want to go out and buy another daycare stroller in just a few months. 

Bonus Tips: Often, the higher weight limit for each seat, the better as it is helps to have versatility in seating options while on the go with kids.

Benefits of Daycare Strollers

Caregivers are able to take organized trips to the park, zoo or other fun destinations without having to worry about who will carry around all of the kids.

Daycare strollers make it easy to travel with multiple kids and keep them in one place while strolling. Many stroller models offer convenience features that make your life easier while on-the-go.

Storage baskets are extremely helpful when it comes to storing the larger items such as diaper bags, baby gear and groceries. If you value built-in storage, look for a stroller model with zippered pockets and child trays to keep snacks and beverages close-by.

Daycare strollers are designed to make it less painless to venture out with multiple kids. You can focus on their fun as opposed to getting tired of chasing them around. You are saving your energy while making it a more enjoyable experience for the kids.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a daycare stroller, there are several factors that you should consider when it comes to passenger safety, comfort and maneuverability.

Chances are that this is a stroller that will be used frequently in your travels so it is vital that you think about the model’s ease of use. You want to make sure it provides the features that you value along with any added convenience features that take stress off of you as a caregiver.

As a daycare provider, you are responsible for the well being of multiple children so this is certainly an area that you will not want to sacrifice on.

  • Make sure the model you are purchasing has a secure harness system, ideally 5-point safety straps in every seat.
  • You can also look for additional safety features such as automatic breaking or foot activated parking brakes.
  • Most daycare strollers come with a sun canopy built-in to protect passengers from harmful UV rays on hot summer days.

The more comfortable children are, the more likely they are to relax while you are taking long walks with the stroller.

  • At minimum, you should buy a stroller with padded seats and any added body support or cushioning can contribute to a comfortable experience.
  • Another factor to think about it whether the seats recline and if they do, it is best to have seats that recline independently as every child may not want to nap at the same time.

Finding a stroller that is easy to maneuver will make pushing multiple children much easier especially if they are older children. Some stroller models feature swiveling wheels that contribute to a tight turning radius which is helpful for navigating urban areas or crowded stores. Most daycare strollers are intended for smooth surfaces and not for jogging or off-road use.

What Should You Avoid When Purchasing a Daycare Stroller?

Now that we’ve talked about how to choose a stroller model, let’s cover a few guidelines to ensure you avoid making a buying mistake.

When purchasing a stroller, never forget about the comfort of the children as it will make a huge difference when it comes to their attitudes and willingness to ride for longer adventures. If the seats are uncomfortable for the kids, chances are that it will be a more difficult experience for you as a caregiver.

Never compromise when it comes to safety as you are responsible for making sure the passengers are secure while strolling around. You shouldn’t choose a stroller model that doesn’t have a warranty as this type of stroller is an investment that you will likely be using for several years.

Finally, try not to choose a model that is too heavy for you to push. Multi-passenger strollers are often heavier than standard stroller but it still is important to make sure you are able to handle the load.

TOP 5 Best Daycare Strollers Reviews

1. Child Craft Sport Child Stroller, Trio 3 Review

Child Craft Sport Child Stroller, Trio 3

The Child Crafty Sport Child Stroller Trio 3 is a compact daycare stroller that accommodates 3 children up to 40 pounds each. It folds up quickly to fit into your vehicle which is convenient especially when you are taking care of multiple children.

Even with fully occupancy, this model is easy to manuever with double wheels in the front for maximum turning power. The full weight of this model is 59 pounds and it measures 56 x 32.5 x 47 inches. It is not designed for newborns as child occupants should weigh at least 15 pounds.

The bright blue design is great for both boys and girls to ride around the neighborhood for a fun stroll. It even has a safe braking system that automatically stops when the handlebar is released. The seats in the front recline slightly and the back seat also reclines to a 45 degree angle.

It is best for smooth surfaces such as indoor malls or sidewalks as the wheels are not designed for off road use. For diaper bags and toys to come along, under the seats is a large mesh storage compartment. If you run a small daycare, this model is great to take the little ones for a ride.


  • Automatic braking system
  • Reclining seats
  • Lots of storage space


  • Not for off road use
  • Heavy to carry.

2. Foundations The Quad Sport Sport 4-Passenger Stroller Review

Quad Sport Sport 4-Passenger Stroller

Foundations The Quad Sport Stroller is a multi-passenger stroller that holds 4 children weighing up to 40 pounds each. With a cushioned ergonomic handle, this model is easy to turn even with a full load of kids.

The large canopy hovers over all 4 seats to provide advanced protection from the sun, rain or wind. If you want a stroller that fits through standard doorways to bring kids indoors, this is surely a good choice as it measures 36 x 33 x 14 pounds and weighs a total of 67 pounds.

Kids will enjoy a smooth ride as the wheels are made from a durable rubberized foam that aids in absorbing shocks as you ride over bumpy terrain. For a daycare stroller, it is surprisingly mobile as the tubing in the frame makes it easy to maneuver.

The sporty look and performance redefines the standard for multi-passenger strollers. The square design also makes it extremely sturdy while in motion. If you take care of kids that are different sizes and ages, this stroller will be a great solution for your travel needs.


  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Can hold 4 passengers
  • Durable wheels


  • Bulky size
  • No strap to hold shade open

3. Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 6 Passenger Stroller, LX6 Review

Regette Blue 6 Passenger Stroller, LX6

If you watch more than just a few children, the Foundation Worldwide LX6 Stroller is ideal fit for up to 6 children that weigh a minimum of 18 pounds. Each seat can hold up to 50 pounds which makes this stroller a versatile solution for different ages of children.

This stroller is full of safety features to keep parents at ease. If you happen to let go of the stroller, the SafeBrake system automatically engages and bring the wheels to a complete stop. The braking system is durable and will withstand plenty of wear from daily use. All of the seats include a 5-point safety harness to keep the passengers in place.

The stroller is easy to fold and unfold, measuring at 71.5 x 33 x 41 inches and weighing a total of 107 pounds. With this size, there is plenty of room for larger children to stretch out and relax while riding. The two front seats even feature a foot rest for full comfort. The huge canopy extends over the 6 seats to protect kids from harmful UV sun rays.

The ComfortPush handle helps to keep your hands from getting tired but making it easy to continue the forward motion. With an extra large storage basket underneath, this stroller will hold plenty of caregiver essentials. The easy to clean fabric makes this a dream for people who take care of a large group of kids.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Helpful safety features
  • Added comfort for kids


  • Extremely heavy
  • Will not accommodate small infants

4. Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller Review

Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye

The Angeles SureStop Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller is an innovative quad model that holds passengers up to 40 pounds each. The steel-tubed frame is lightweight which makes this model much easier to steer than comparable daycare strollers.

Measuring at 66 x 28 x 57 inches and weighing 77 pounds, this stroller folds up in three simple steps to fit in your vehicle. It is recommended for children 6 months and up and will fit toddlers with ease.

For extra comfort while riding around town, all of the seats feature padded straps. Each seat also reclines independently for when the little ones want to take naps.

If you are concerned with safety, this model conforms to ASTM F833-07A safety standards and even has a locking pedal brake for additional safety. The manufacturer stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of the stroller with a three-year warranty.

All terrain tires equip this 4-passenger stroller to handle virtually any surfaces including grass, dirt, sand, gravel and more. The blue and grey fabric is both water-repellent and easy to clean making it a great option for outdoor adventures.


  • Built for all-terrain strolling
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight frame


  • Doesn’t include rain-cover
  • Limited shade size

5. 6-Passenger Fat Tire Stroller Review

6-Passenger Fat Tire

The Angeles 6-Passenger Fat Tire Stroller is a durable solution for transporting children ages 6 months and up for outdoor exploration. Each seat reclines to a 14 degree angle which is helpful for keeping energetic children relaxed.

The 5-point safety harness system will keep each child secure as you are wheeling around this daycare stroller. Weighing at 141 pounds and measuring 66 x 28 x 57 inches, this model is extremely sturdy and will not tip over when you are navigating around turns and curves.

Commercial daycare owners will like this model because it can be easily cleaned with a sponge and water. It comes with a three year warranty and is certified by the gold standard GREENGUARD label.

It also fits through most standard doorways which makes it convenient to bring indoors for storage. The seats each hold up to 40 pounds and children even have a small bar to hold onto while rolling.

The bright blue canopy extends over the full stroller to provide plenty of shade to all passengers. The telescoping handle is adjustable from 36 to 43 inches which allows caregivers to adjust it to your preferred comfort level.


  • Full shade canopy
  • Sturdy frame
  • Reclining seats


  • Bulky
  • Limited storage space.


When it comes to daycare strollers, the Foundation Worldwide LX6 Stroller is the best choice as it provides plenty of protection for a large group of kids. This model has a safe braking system and is durable enough for frequent use. Not only is it a safe solution for up to 6 passengers, but it features an easy to clean fabric and plenty of storage which are both extremely helpful for caregivers. It is surprisingly easy to maneuver and makes it easy to navigate around obstacles with multiple kids in tow.