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5 Easy Steps to Fold a BOB Stroller

In many cases people just retreat from the decision to buy a stroller based on the thought that it would occupy a considerable amount of space. Should they conquer the dilemma, often get disconcerted when it comes to fold a stroller. In order to address the issue and reprieve you from the puzzling state, here we simplified the steps of how to fold A BOB Stroller. Most BOB strollers feature a two-step collapsing mechanism. Folding it is fairly easy, same as unfolding it. It’s also equally easy to push the BOB stroller, clean and maintain it. Here are steps on how to fold a BOB stroller.

  1. Remove the baby and items you had stored in the cargo baskets and pouches.
  2. Place your hand on the sides of the handlebars and squeeze them on the red tabs and towards the middle.
  3. Lift the hand bars up and then forward.
  4. A red handle will appear from the rear; pull it backward. The stroller will collapse to a compact size
  5. Use the wrist wrap found on the handlebars to tie up the stroller for storage. After making it go round to make a firm wrap, fix the Velcro, so it doesn’t come undone.

Your BOB stroller is now ready to be stored or transported in the trunk of your car. In addition to being easily collapsible, a BOB has other features too, that make it stand out.

Features of a BOB stroller

1. Easy-to-clean Padded Seats

The seats of a BOB stroller come with fabric that’s easy to clean. Being water-repelling, you won’t have a whole seat soaked up when cleaning the stroller. The seats are also padded with a soft material for the baby’s comfort.

2. Ample Room for Storage

A BOB stroller will usually feature a cargo basket large enough to put your baby’s belongings when going out and intending to stay outdoors for most of the day. There are also side pouches to hold things you will need them be within reach, such as the water bottle or snacks.

3. Tires Made From Quality Materials

The tires of the BOB stroller are built from durable ingredients. They’re mostly inflatable to take on any terrain without subjecting the stroller to wobbling.

4. Safety Harness to Prevent the Baby From Tipping Over

Most BOB strollers feature a five-point harness designed to be comfortable for the baby while holding him safely in place. It’s padded, so that it doesn’t hurt the baby. It locks well enough to free you from worry that it may come open while pushing the baby stroller.

5. Adjustable Handlebars

They allow a person of any height to use the stroller, whether the little siblings or one of the tall parents. Adjustable handlebars also make it possible for you to make them to the height you’re most comfortable with.

6. Padded Handlebars

The padding ensures comfort for comfort when riding the stroller for long hours. The handles don’t cut into your hands, and you won’t end up with sore palms at the end of the day.

7. Lightweight Frame For Easy Transportation

The BOB stroller is made from materials that are lightweight for portability. You can take it anywhere with you, and pushing it won’t tire you out.

8. Reclining Seats

They allow you to set them at an angle that you prefer the baby to sit on, or one that allows you to easily take a peep at your baby while jogging or pushing it.

9. Swivel Mechanism for Easy Maneuvering

BOB strollers have wheels featuring a swivel mechanism to allow for easy steering around bends and on rough terrain.

How to Care for a BOB stroller

a). Washing

Always wash the baby stroller with soap that’s not too strong and make sure that the water not too hot. Use a soft cloth dampened with soapy water to wipe the fabric and the plastic parts. After a wash, rinse with clean water and allow the fabric to dry before storing or using it.

b). Storing

Store the stroller in a well-aerated place to prevent it from picking dust and odors. Avoid storing it in areas where the Sun rays hit it directly. Rays from the Sun cause the plastic parts to crack, the fabric to fade and reduces the overall longevity of the stroller. The right place to store it is in the house, in a well-ventilated and dry room.

c). General Maintenance

Regularly lubricate the moving parts of your baby stroller to improve its motion efficiency and to prevent annoying friction and sounds coming from them.

Maintain a tire pressure that is suitable according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To make the stroller last for a longer period of time and avoid accidents, always find any loose parts and tighten them.

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